Courtship Dances



-A period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship, especially with a view to marriage.

- In my own personal definition i say it is something a specific type of animal does before they mate.

- There are a lot of animals that have many different types of dances that i will be showing you in my LOVELY poster.

Bowerbird courtship dance

The male bird begins by doing his dance and offering the female an arrangement of blue gifts. The males dance looks like he is twitching and the rolling his back. In my opinion the dance looks creepy.

Credit:Smithsonian Channel youtube channel

Rifle bird courtship dance

This birds mating dance involves hopping up and down around the female. While the male is hopping he is also swaying his head from side to side. As the male is performing the dance the female watches closely judging his every move.

Credit: Trivandrum Tube youtube channel

Hippos Courtship dances

In this process the male show when they are interested by throwing their feces. Now they don't just go throwing their feces at anyone they throw it at their desired partners.

Credit: geobeats(youtube)


Camels use a sack that is in the lining of their mouth for an animal turn on. Males shows their dominance by throwing their weight around toward the other males. The male who asserted his dominance the most wins the female.

Credit: BBC wildlife

Red Sided Gartersnake

One hundred males show up to win the heart of their fair lady. They all piled on top of the female snake forming what is called a mating ball. When finally one of the males finish the mating process the rest of the snakes get out of their in a hurry.

Credit: geobeats(youtube)