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Who originally settled in Delaware?

Delaware was originally settled by the Swedes and the Dutch, but came under British control in 1664. Initial Delaware settlement by the Dutch was near the river close to Fort Nassau at Big Timber Creek. This means the colony is great for trade along the river! It was mainly originally found for agricultural opportunity presented here; this was because of the rich soil, thriving forests, and therefore lumber.

Where is the Delaware colony located?

It is a part of the North American Middle Colonies, and consists of the land on the west bank of the Delaware River Bay. It is located between the other colonies of Maryland and Pennsylvania. This location has a positive impact on Delaware because of its access to the ocean and river trade routes, helping with the economy. Also, Native Americans live in an area close to this area, and they help the economy of Delaware by payments to the Dutch.

What is the lifestyle of Delaware colonists?

English, Dutch, Munsee, and Unami are the languages spoken in the Delaware colony. The colonists here also have a constitutional monarchy, with the legislature being the General Assembly of Delaware Colony. The predominant religion of this colony is Protestant, however, other religions are tolerated! Indigo, grain, and rice are commonly harvested here by colonists. Other industries include shipbuilding and ironwork.

Who and what events make Delaware a great colony to live in?

Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company founded this colony, and Peter Minuit was the first significant leader to successfully govern Delaware in 1638. However, this colony was later placed under English rule. This makes Delaware colony unique, because it has elements and aspects of Swedish, Dutch, and English lifestyle and cultural influence. In 1673, the Dutch regained control of Delaware, but just a year later in 1674, the English regained control once again of Delaware. In 1682, the Duke of York transferred power of Delaware to William Penn, an English Quaker. In 1742, Oliver Canby built the first flour mill on Brandywine River at Wilmington, beginning the flour mill industry in Delaware.