6J's Newsflash

Term One


What a busy term! We have been hard at work this term. Many opportunities were offered to our class and we all stepped up and participated in a range of activities. We hope you enjoy reading about our term.


What a super term of Literacy 6J have had. In our class we have been studying Gallipoli and Sadako as well as Korea. To start the term for Literacy we were studying Korea. We were doing detailed reads and fix me ups. Then we worked on Sadako. Sadako was about a little girl making cranes to stay alive. Sadako had leukaemia. To start Gallipoli years 5 and 6 went into the hall to watch a movie of Gallipoli World War 1. It was a great movie. This term has been a superb term of literacy and it will surely continue throughout the year.

By Chloe and Jess


WOW!!! What an awesome term of Mathematics. Maths is a subject that is very important during school life and when we get out of school. The areas that we have been working on are fractions, subtraction, long multiplication, decimals, area and perimeter, as well as mass and percentages. Due to the year 5 classes Science lessons, Maths is not on Wednesday. Maths has been a great subject this term for all of 6J and we are all learning new things every day which is brilliant. Hopefully all of 6J will continue to enjoy learning new concepts in Maths.

By Chloe and Jess


Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and the Philippines are all of the countries in South East Asia we had to do in class for our project. We had to do one ourselves and a group one as well. It took a lot of time and effort presenting and designing our projects, both class and individual. We all had a great time studying south East Asia. I personally loved learning about a country that I did not know a great deal about. It is knowledge that we can keep with us for a long time.

By Kayley


Every Friday Mr Hudson comes into our classroom to teach Science. Presently we are studying weather. This includes air pressure, wind speed, rain, temperature, and wind direction. Each Friday when Mr Hudson comes to our classroom we record these subjects on a chart to see later on.

By Ivy-Rose and Leah


In Art this term we have done some lovely art work. We have made Cherry Blossom trees which are found in Japan. We used pink and green crepe paper, blue water paint and oil pastels. We have also drawn rainbow parrots where we used dye and white oil pastels to create a beautiful art work. We also did origami by using coloured paper. It started of being a square and we used step by step instructions to make a paper crane. Art this term has been great. We hope we can continue creating bright and colourful art work next term.

By Lilly and Molly

Debating Gala Day

We had a terrific debating gala day. We had a great trip down with lots of entertainment. The men there were very good teachers . He kept going on about axe murderers . By we I mean Jackson Barry, Kayley Kennedy and Molly Whitehead. We also did some debating games and learnt about p.e.e.l, s.e.e.l and rebuttals and we learnt lots .We had a great day. We would like to say a big thanks to Mrs Borg . We had a TERRIFIC debating day!

By Molly

Healthy Harold

What an amazing time we had with Healthy Harold. We learnt lots about different drugs such as ice, weed, methamphetamine, marijhuana, cocaine, caffeine, nicotene, ecstasy, candy, rock cocaine, synthetic drugs and legal drugs. We watched a movie about a party where three girls went to a party with the older sister who got drunk and they didn’t have a way home. Then she asked the question how do we get home? They thought of ways to get home and they got home on time. We played games on the interactive board learning about good and bad drugs. We learned all about the body parts on how they work when lots of alcohol or caffeine gets in your body. Everyone had to stand up and the presenter asked us some questions about drugs, the body, the alcohol limit and where the food goes. It was boys against girls and the buzzer was who ever said their name first. If you got the answer correct your team would get a point, if you were too loud the teacher would take two or three points away. After we talked about the body and played games we got to see Harold and ask him questions. Some he would answer and some he wouldn’t.

By Harry W and David

Guwala scholarship

Early this year, Ivy-Rose was eligible to apply for a $4000 Guwala scholarship. The scholarship is only for aboriginal students and it is to help with the changing from primary to high school. Mrs Godde and Ms Mateer helped write the application. Ivy-Rose was lucky to win the scholarship. The $4000 goes towards school equipment for High School. The scholarship also includes two fully paid trips to the great Aussie Bush Camp to discuss her leadership options as well as her plans for high school. She was selected for the scholarship by her NAPLAN test results and the application. Out of all the aboriginal students in our school, Ivy-Rose has achieved one of the highest results. We are all very proud and supportive of Ivy-Rose and wish her the best for the coming years.

By Leah and Ivy-Rose

Netball Winter Trials

What a terrific day. On Thursday the 21st March 2013 Emily, Courtney, Kayley, Lilly, Teeghan and a few others from different classes participated in the Winter Trials for Netball in Muswellbrook. We travelled down in the early morning to ready and pumped up to play 6 games of netball. The teams we played were Singleton, Muswellbrook, Aberdeen and Port Stephens and a few more. While we were playing our hardest Ian Ingle and a few other spectators walked around choosing people from different teams to put in the possible and probables. Mr Ingle was the main spectator. After we played, all the teams sat down in front of him and he announced the possible and probables. The people from 6J that made it through to the next round were Emily, Courtney and Lilly. We played another round of netball to see who got to the next level. Emily and Courtney played another round of netball. Unfortunately no members from 6J made it through to the Newcastle team. We all played excellent and tried our hardest.

By Emily and Courtney


This term 6J has been using Edmodo. This is an educational tool used to communicate between teachers and class members. Edmodo is a website that you can use on a computer at home or at school. It is also an app available to download from the app store to use on an Apple iPod ,iPad or iPhone. Teachers can direct message the students and students can direct message teachers. Students cannot direct message other students. Teachers can post quizzes, polls and extra homework. Students earn electronic badges for completing these. If student have questions about our school work they can message the class or the teacher. It's great we love it.

By Jackson B and Philip

Techno Team

Techno Team is a team composed of two people from every 5-6 class. In 6J, Courtney and I were chosen to be 6J’s techno team members. Techno team is run by Mr Hudson. We do things like getting server numbers and setting up new computers in the school. It is an excellent opportunity to get hands on with technical devices. It’s very fun and interesting and a great way to learn. I can’t wait to start it again next term; it’s awesome.

By Jackson B

Group 21 Rugby League

Our school was ready to win the Group 21 this year because we have not won the Group 21 in our age group yet. Our team had not many players on it so we had to borrow some from the under 11's. We were ready for the game. Our team got on the field and fought our way through the game. After the tiring but fun game we went through to the semi-finals. Once again we got on the field and played through a tough game, but we still won.

"It’s finally time for the big game we’ve all been waiting for, it’s the big final." Our team got on the field and played the best they’ve ever played and it all paid off because we won. Everybody was yelling and jumping around. There was a loud noise on one side of the field but none from the other side. After all the fun and celebration we had to go in front of the canteen to collect our prizes. The man of the match was Jake Newman. It was a fun day.

By Harry C

Soccer Trials

Wow, what an amazing day in Muswellbrook! Five people from our class travelled down to Victoria Park in Muswellbrook to try out for the Upper Hunter soccer team. Patrick, Cody, Harry and Jackson tried very hard, unfortunately only one person got in and that person was Patrick. He plays soccer on Friday the 12th of April. Leah was the only girl from our class that tried out for the girls’ soccer team. All the girls that tried out got in with five spots left. All the best to Leah and Patrick!

By Cody and Patrick


The SRC stands for Student Representative Council. The SRC is run by Mrs Borg and consists of 23 members. Four people in our class, our girl school captain Chloe, our boy prefects Jaydenand Reyn as well as our class representative Jackson. During this term we have done things like organising Harmony Day and Grandparents Day. We have also raised money for a charity called Ears for Abigail. Wow, what an amazing term of SRC

By Reyn

Horse Sport

This term in horse sports, Darcy Pittman competed in Willow Tree and Blandford.

At Willow Tree, Darcy competed really well and ended up getting champion point score. She competed in a lot of events such as barrel, bending and many other events. At Blandford, Darcy competed in all of the events and gave her best. She placed in nearly every event. Darcy gave it her best and had fun on the day.

By Darcy and Ashleigh

Grandparents day

Grandparent’s day was a huge success in 6J. We had a lot of grandparents come to our classroom. In our classroom we used Voki and spelt our spelling words. We also made our harmony people using our heritage. We would like to thank all of our grandparents for coming in and having lunch with us.

By Ashleigh and Darcy

Leadership Conference

What a fantastic day Chloe experienced in the big city of Sydney on Monday 25th March, when she travelled down to participate in a leadership conference. To start the morning the sun was glowing brightly. We arrived at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and were greeted by some lovely ladies to get our wrist bands. We then entered the centre where there was a big stage with five inspirational speakers. Jess Fox who won a medal for white water kayaking in the 2012 London Olympics, Nathan Hindmarsh who played in the NRL for the Parramatta Eels, Creel Price who owned eight businesses, Brett Lee who was a police officer and a detective for the Queensland police and Mike Martin who worked for Julia Gillard. All of these inspirational leaders taught us about their leadership skills, some of the lessons they have learnt about leadership and how to be a good leader. They also talked about their role models and how to stay true to yourself in leadership positions. The most important point is to NEVER give up and follow your dreams.

By Chloe and Jess


We had great fun at swimming this term. On February 9th our school headed to Scone Memorial Pool. Years 2-6 competed in the swimming carnival. Before the school students arrived 10 or more people competed in the 200m Individual Medley. After the medley was finished the rest of the school arrived. At the end of the day there was the house relay. After the relay we found out which house won the most points. The house that won was Pannel for the 5th year in a row.

A few weeks later, on 21st February, 30 or more people headed down to Singleton to compete in the Zone Swimming Carnival. There was a good amount of people who competed at the carnival. There was only one person from our class who made it through to the next level of swimming; that person was Courtney. Courtney performed in the senior girls relay and the senior girls backstroke. Well done Courtney!

by Jackson F

Poetry Competition

What an Amazing day for 6J; we had the poetry competition on the 3rd of April. Guess what? We received 3rd for our poem which was called How to Torture Your Teacher by Bruce Lansky. All that hard work finally paid off. Hours of practising that one poem. We are all glad it is over; even Mrs Walsh. It was a great long day, listening to all of the poems. Some were truly outstanding. The judges were great and very fair to all of the classes and individuals. They gave us some great feedback.

By Chloe-Lee

Cross Country

On Monday 25th March, we all participated in the cross country. Only a few people got through to Zone. There were 4 people from our class, Ashleigh, Lilly, Jayden and Jack .We all performed extremely well with Ashleigh and Lilly doing extremely well coming 9th. Jayden did well coming 16th and Jack came 10th. Everyone had to run 3ks. By the end of the day we were all exhausted. We all ran very well.

By Lilly

Girl’s Cricket

This term Courtney and Leah went down to Denman to try out for the Upper Hunter Girl’s Cricket Team. They tried really hard and fortunately they got into the cricket team. On Thursday 28.2.13 two girls went down to Maitland to have a training session with the other girls who got picked. The girls have some more training sessions until they get chosen for the Hunter Valley Team. We all wish them good luck.

By Leah and Ivy-Rose


What a fun day we had on Friday when we had our first assembly item. It was amazing; we had five acts and we all did a great job. First was the rap, which was performed by Cody, Reyn and Harry W. After that was the Cambodia dance which was performed by Teeghan ,Chloe-Lee, Darcy and Jackson. The next act was Vietnam which was an information act about the country, performed by David, Chloe and Mitchell. The next act was Thailand which was also a dance, performed by Courtney, Emily, Kayley and Philip. The last act was the Philippines and that was a rap performed by Molly, Harry, Leah and Patrick. Overall it was an awesome day and we all had fun.

By Teeghan

Orientation Day

What an awesome day. The whistle blew at 9:00am we got our bags and boarded the bus. When we arrived, Mrs Cosh greeted us at the hall. We had awesome year ten students come to show us around and help us experience everything that the High School had to offer, even if it was seeing all the gum under the desks. We were also put into groups with Aberdeen and one other small group of pupils from another school. We started off with sport which was dodge ball . We also did art which was drawing our thumb and cartoon characters . During that we were told not look under the desks, but we did and we found a gold mine of chewing gum. Yuck!! We all wished we hadn’t looked under the tables. Drama - wow it was such fun. We played games and laughed and most of all we had FUN. Cooking was great. We all made pancakes. Science, where do we start? AMAZING ! We all had a great time. We made explosions with acids and a metal ribbon. We had an extraordinary day and we would like to thank the staff and students of Scone High School, our teachers and the bus driver for taking us to the High School.

By Summer

Boys Cricket

On Friday the 16th of March, the boys Cricket team walked down to Bill Rose Sporting Complex and versed Aberdeen Public School in a game of cricket. We tossed the coin and decided to bat. Patrick got out for a duck, Jaydan Cuschieri scored 12 runs and Jack didn’t get to bat but he did pick up a wicket . Overall Aberdeen won by a fair way. We would like to thank Mr Hudson for coaching us and Mr Pennell for score keeping.

By Jaydan and Jack

Term 2

Hi Everyone,

What a long term it has been. I have enjoyed getting to know your children this term. We have taken a little while to settle in and work effectively as a class but we have made it and the students have created some great work this term. We have written this fabulous newsletter to let you know what we have been doing this term.

Next term promises to be another busy term. We will continue on with all the same subjects except we will not do as much Art and Drama and Music will be included. We start preparations for our whole school concert next term ready for the end of Term Three. Our Public Speaking Competition is early in Term Two. Students have already received information on this so hopefully they have started writing and practicing. I look forward to hearing some interesting and creative speeches.

Edmodo will be up and running completely next term. I will prepare parent codes for parents who have requested them during the holidays and send these out to you. I have been waiting for all students to register before doing this - our last students registered yesterday so we will be set to get it up and running in full swing next term. Edmodo holds great potential. I look forward to seeing what we do with it through the holidays and next term.

A big thank you for all the support you give your students. Students learning is increased when there is support and encouragement from home - thank you. Looking forward to another great term with your child. Have a great holiday.

Janet Walsh

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