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Wonderful Sparta

Thought about joining our great community? Well you should! Sparta has great accommodations that will make it a beautiful place to live! It's much better than any other poli like Athens or Corinth.

Spartan Weather...

As you can see, Sparta has a wonderful climate. At the moment, we are in winter. But don't worry! Sparta is located in southern Greece and experiences a sunny and cool Mediterranean weather. Summers are typically hot reaching up to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. While winters are cool and rainy, but overall mild.

But that's not all!

Spartan Government

You won't have to worry about mandatory town meetings or not liking the new ruler of your poli! Sparta is a monarchy! We typically have one or two kings ruling over us all so we won't have to worry about troubles. Many of are kings are brave noble men, like king Leonidas!


We Spartans are extremely respectful to our elders. There are 30 of them along with 2 kings who rule the city. They have chosen us at birth to see if we were worthy enough people to live in Sparta. Moving to Sparta will on only suggest that you will be around the finest people.


Spartan military is the best military of them all! While living here, you'll never have to think about alien harm coming your way. The military will ensure that you are safe in our city.

We also have large walls surrounding our poli so that you won't have to worry about other people invading!


Spartan education isn't like some boring classroom with teachers ruling over you! No, of course not! We train your young little boys to become strong and powerful men that can protect you, your family, and the city of Sparta.


You also don't have to worry about doing any work! We take helots to do the building, cleaning, and farming all for you! So you can have a pleasant life and focus on other things like war and your family.


We are powerful warriors that enjoy a little brawl here and there. We do running, wrestling, javelin, disk throwing, and dancing! All while being semi nude.


We Spartans aren't typically one for art. But most of our art is about our victories in war and is usually drawn on pottery and painted.



Men in Sparta are strong warriors who went through intense training at a young age to become strong! At the age of 20, they were able to go and start families. Afterwards, they live a relatively comfortable life enjoying the events we hold in town.


Unlike Athenian girls, we spartan women get to get married much older. We can also attend events and don't have to depend on our husbands. We have the privilege to do fun things, like running and dancing!

We also don't have to go to school! And we get slaves to do all the work for us! We have the right to fight and even own land! Sparta is great for women!

At ages above 18 we are expected to bear strong children who will become great warriors, We also enjoy and live a comfortable life.



Saturday, June 6th 2015 at 7:30am


Don't miss out! The whole town is going to be here for Carnea, the day when Apollo's favorite Carnea died! Get over here and celebrate with us!

King Leonidas

King Leonidas is our powerful and loyal king who protects our city. He has recently gone into battle to prove how strong we really are. I know we are protected, and you can be too.
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The city of Sparta is waiting for you! Decided if you wanted to pick us instead of some other lower class poli?