the Lifeline

for Crosby ISD Teachers Only

Crosby Coordinators on the Frontline

The role of the subject coordinator has evolved over the years in Crosby ISD to adapt to the demands of classroom instruction. In previous years, coordinators supported teachers through district programs, creating and administering assessments, furnishing resources, etc. Today the role of the coordinator in Crosby includes those components but the job involves much more. Teachers, especially newer teachers, need support in learning how to deliver lessons to reach their diverse student population. All teachers, including experienced teachers, are encouraged to interact with technology in their lessons. Coordinators are educating teachers about technology available to deliver content. The subject coordinators have been charged to create and review two district milestone assessments in each of their areas for each grade level to formatively monitor student achievement. The results are used to inform us about our programs and instruction. Teachers are trusted to actively administer unit assessments. Teachers can use that data to inform their instruction. Coordinators are involved in the daily instruction of teachers through support such as modeling, giving feedback, suggesting resources, and discussing strategies to reach students. Our coordinators are very visible on campuses to conference with administrators and teachers. They have been successful classroom teachers and can therefor offer solid advice on proven techniques to help students. I am proud of my team of coordinators who act with student-centered interests and they are here to serve our teachers every day throughout the district.

Crosby ISD Summer Salad

Please remember to mark your calendar for Summer Salad 2015 ! It will be held July 27 - 30 in one of our district facilities. This will be our third year for this event and it is growing every year. We hope to bring you more meaningful sessions that will help you to grow professionally and will translate to greater student achievement. Technology will be a focus this year with exciting tools and resources available for you to use in the classroom. More information will be coming soon.
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