Year 3

Snack Box Homework!

Choose a drink....

These thirst-quenching homework activities have a topic flavour! The deadline for these activities is Thursday 27th March.

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Water (create a diorama)

Learning Objective: To understand the impact of environmental change in different places.

Week 1 - Research

Find out about global warming and environmental change.

Watch this video.

Visit this website.

Visit this website too

Make some notes about climate change. Think about which area of the world you might choose for your diorama.

Week 2 - Create a diorama

Choose a place around the world that might change because of global warming. Create a diorama to show what it might look like in the future if humans do'nt work together to change climate change and global warming.

Use this website to learn how to make a diorama. Make sure you are able to explain how climate change has affected and changed it.

Milk (pack a suitcase)

Learning Objective: To understand the environmental conditions in the rainforest.

Week 1 - Research

Find out about rainforests around the world and some of the problems they are facing.

Visit this website.

Visit this website too.

Make some notes about rainforests and what the conditions might be like. Consider what things you might need to survive there.

Week 2 - Pack a suitcase

Imagine you are going to visit the rainforest. You won't be staying in a hotel! Think carefully about the things you will need to survive. What would you pack in your suitcase?

For this homework you could pack a real suitcase and bring it in to school, pack a real suitcase and bring a photo of the contents into school or, if you are not able to pack a real suitcase, you can draw and label a picture of what you would pack. Be ready to explain your ideas to the rest of the class.

Juice (make a menu)

Learning Objectives: To research the environmental impact of different foods. To present information in the form of a menu.

Some foods are very bad for the environment. Either because of the way they are grown (pesticides and herbicides), the amount of plastic packaging they use or because of how they are transported.

Week 1

Research how to pack an environmentally friendly lunchbox using this website. Talk with your Mum and Dad about some of the things you have found out. You might need to ask them some questions!

Week 2

Use what you have found out to create a school lunchbox menu. You can either design a really environmentally friendly lunchbox OR a really environmentally UNfriendly lunchbox. The choice is yours. Be sure to label your lunchbox and make sure you can expain your choices to the class.

Next Week....

Choose a main meal! These belly-busting homework activities will have a maths flavour!