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Come to New Jersey

New Jersey is an amazing place to live. Why should you come here to live?! Here are some reasons that I think NJ is a wonderful place to live.I have just settled in New Jersey and I am feeling that this decision is a great decision and I think that you should move here too.The reason that I think that you should move to New Jersey is that there are many jobs available. I also think this because there are many housing and apartment available right here in New Jersey. Also there are wonderful schools with awesome teacher for kids .Even everything is so nearby stores,parks and lots more. Even if you want to go to school in the morning buses come and pick the children and drive them to school and bring them back at the end of the day. One of the best parts that I like it that the street are safe for children to play and no one is littering. Also many people like me settled in New Jersey for a better education and lifestyle.To conclude New Jersey is a wonderful place to live in. You’ll will not regret moving here to the GARDEN STATE!!


Hey did you know that there are jobs that are just waiting to be picked like the awesomeness of being a clothes manufacturer know all that fur and leather that you just ADORE you can make it and make it better I tell you so go get this job now! Also, there is a TRADING job! Imagine yourself in the spotlight trading you will gain lots of profits for the rich and get paid a lot! So… to conclude get out and go get this job because you won’t regret it! Oh hey, did you hear about the new FIXING job?! It’s absolutely awesome and you will get paid which is guaranteed, haven’t you ever dreamed of being so happy while making other happy too well, if you’re that type of person get this job now and you’ll be glad!

There are many jobs available Such as teaching, and bus driving and many more

The is a lot of pollution

All the people who are residents have freedom

Everything is nearby and accessible


There are many trees getting cut down in New Jersey

Everything is nearby and accessible

Also there are many environmental problems.

Economy and population.

The population a New Jersey is about 8.938 millions of people in New Jersey.This is because people kept on immigrating to the United States in New Jersey for the freedom and bill of rights. They did this because in other countries they had deadly diseases that spread. Some people moved because they needed better opportunities and jobs for their families to make money. So the population came up because of the great economy, friendly neighbors, and awesome jobs!

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