Miss Diana's January Newsletter

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Upcoming Events

NO SCHOOL: Dec. 21-Jan. 1 (Have a great Christmas with your family!)


NO SCHOOL: Jan. 18 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)


  • VALENTINE'S PARTIES IN CLASS: Feb. 11-12 (Bring valentines to pass out)
  • NO SCHOOL: Feb. 15 (President's Day)

UPCOMING FIELD TRIP: Dillow's ATA Taekwondo!

NO PRESCHOOL Tues. and Wed. Jan. 26-27 for field trip

  • WHERE: Dillow's ATA Taekwondo (231 N Kay Ave, Kuna)
  • Bring your family and meet us inside the studio for a fun field trip guaranteed to get your child’s energy out! As we want to make sure everyone stays safe, only Sunshine students or children ages 3+ will be allowed on the mats.

  • WHEN: Look below for your class's time:

    TUESDAY, January 26

    · Lindsay’s Preschool Classes: 10 a.m.

    · Lindsay’s Pre-K Classes: 11 a.m.

    · Karen’s AM/PM Classes: 12 p.m.

    WEDNESDAY, January 27

    · Sara’s Class: 10 a.m.

    · Diana’s AM/PM Classes: 11 a.m.

    · Hilary’s PM Classes: 12 p.m.

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Happy Birthday To:

Wyatt: Jan. 4

McKenleigh: Jan. 30

December Delights!

We had a great year!

I missed my classes more than I expected to over the break! It was so nice to see their little, smiling faces on Monday morning. We had a great day and a fun discussion about what they did when there was no school.

See the pictures below for some of the things we did in December. I am noticing a lack of gingerbread man pictures. We did so many things around the many different versions of this great story. I bet your preschooler can fill you in. At very least they will be able to chant "Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!'

January includes one of my favorite activities of the entire year, ICE CASTLES!!

Monday, January 25 will be our ice castle day. If you have time to freeze many different shapes and sizes of ice in your home freezer and bring them in Monday morning for us to use it would be a wonderful addition to our creations! In the past people have brought spheres (freeze water inside balloons), bundt cake shapes, stars, snowmen, rectangles, etc. It is an effective way to connect home and school.

We use table salt to "glue" the pieces together and rock salt to make tunnels and designs then add liquid water colors. It is an amazing day! (see pictures below)

January 27 we meet at Dillow's ATA at 11:00 a.m. No regular preschool that day.

We will be studying penguins, snow, snowmen, snow globes, ice and anything else that the preschoolers find interesting this month. Letter's P, D, B, and R will be our focus this month.

Thank you for all the very sweet gifts, cards, and family letters I received last month. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Miss Diana

Ice Castle Day coming up on Jan. 25!

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Fine motor practice at the wrapping table.

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Gingerbread scented play dough created a flurry of baking excitement!

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Our hard working elves take their jobs very seriously!

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One of our many projects this month. A twist on collages by providing tons of materials and making it part of our gingerbread adventures.

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If you ever need to get kids moving break out the bubbles! I love the enthusiasm!

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New manipulatives, new interest in building.

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These beads had substantially smaller holes than we were accustomed to. Note the awesome patterning!

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So some of my elves were so still and quiet. It was not typical of them. Then they explained they were the "Elf on the Shelf". We had to be sure to define that tables weren't able to serve as shelves, but other than that I loved their idea!

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Excitement before the real snow came to town.

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I love to incorporate some of the things we have been learning into our parties. I missed a photo of the jingle bell bracelets and Elf Dance Freeze Game that worked our listening and response skills-we were laughing too hard for me to think of taking a picture. Here at the party they are creating their own gingerbread man cookie. They get their own little pot of frosting and a popsicle stick so they can spread it on the the cookie to act as glue. Then a collage of edible items is provided to give him/her eyes, buttons, mouth, or whatever else they think of.

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In some cases the popsicle stick was used more as a spoon than a knife. :)

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I really appreciate my parent volunteers!

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Santa runs a tight ship and has advice for his elves.

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