Vote No To An Oligarchy

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So What Is An Oligarchy?

Well an Oligarchy is a structure of government where all power resides with a few people or group within that specific society. Basically a group of aristocrats or rich and powerful people take over.

Examples Of An Oligarchy:

An example of this government would be North Korea or the Soviet Union. Sometimes the power is passed down through family members.

Why You Should Say NO!

  • Only a small group of people decide what happens, so typically it isn’t the best choice for the nation or what the people want.

  • It’s mainly led by the wealthy people. The poor or middle class people don’t have a chance to improve their status of wealth. Therefore, there’s either a poor class or a wealthy class of people.

  • The people don’t get a say in what they want. It’s kind of just what that small group wants.

  • The small group of people that are in office at the time, can gain an enormous amount of power.