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*Callibration is Monday for TELPAS. All staff are expected to be in attendance after school for the testing session. We will be in three rooms. PK/K and 1st will be in the computer lab. 2nd, 4th and specials will be in the library on chromebooks. 3rd and special ed will be in Rachel Henderson's room on chromebooks. When you complete callibration, you will email a certificate to yourself if you are on a chromebook and then send me a copy via email. Do not log out until you know you have received the certificate. Rachell Miller will in the computer lab, Kim MIze will be in Henderson's room and Maria Falcon will be in the library. Tami and I will be doing cart service with cookies! :) Make sure you sign in when you get to your room.

*TELPAS writing sample #1 is this week. We are doing descriptive writing. See page 23 of your rater manual for more information or ideas. The colored paper for this week was placed in the box of your grade level team leader.

*Tuesday reminder that 2nd and 4th grade will switch specials for Writing Benchmark.

*Valentine's Bags - Don't forget to bring your Valentine's Day bag by the office by Monday afternoon. They will be hanging again this year so that you can treat other staff members to a Valentine of your choosing. (cards, sticky notes, candy, pencils, whatever...)

*Donuts with Dad is Friday. Remember to park at the high school front lot if you can't find a space. It is packed by 7:00 so be an early bird. Students will be held in the gym until 7:35 for those parents that are ready to drop before classes are open.

*Valentine's Events - please make sure you have communicated with your parents about your Valentine's Day event on Friday.

*Lounge - if you eat in the lounge (and we hope you do) OR if you use any of the dishes to provide treats, please make sure you wash, dry, put away and clean up after yourselves. There has been a stash of dishes just sitting in the sink for a week or so now. Cleaning up after ourselves ensures that at least do our part to help reduce the "roach attracting."

*Just a reminder that our work hours are 7:30 - 3:30 (or when the last student leaves). You are expected to be in the building by 7:30.

*For those teacher who park in the fourth grade lot, if there is already a line of cars in car rider line, please make sure you are stopping at the stop sign before going into the crosswalk. We have early bird students who see the stopped car and run out from the fence (neighborhood) without looking.

*TELPAS online training - All 2nd, 3rd and 4th bilingual teachers, Rachel Miller, Maria Falcon, and myself will need to make plans to attend training on February 18 in the library after school. I will be training on online testing for TELPAS. This should be no more than 30-40 minutes in length. Please come to the library as soon as you are done with dismissal.


LISA LARA will be joining our PK team next year as a full day PK teacher! So excited to have Lisa want to forge this new territory with our other two amazing PK teachers!


*BECKY PLAYFAIR - For all the greatness that you do continually. You are the BEST counselor in the world!!

*Maria Falcon - We appreciate the author visiting our school this week. Our fourth graders loved it! - 4th grade team

*Maria Ivers - Thank you for allowing our fourth graders to read each week to your sweet kiddos! - Dena Green

*Becky Playfair - We appreciate you! We are thankful you are our campus counselor. - 4th grade team

*Chanda Hernandez - for your help this week with a student.



*integration of technology

*implementation of guided math 3x a week

*improving Tier 1 best practices


Okay, it was mentioned to me that the link no longer worked. I've updated it so if you try it and it doesn't go to the "Suggestion Box," please let me know. Just a reminder that suggestions can be made anonymously if you don't want your identify known. If you have suggestions and/or concerns throughout the year, this is one place you will have to let administration know.



Unless a decision needs to be taken to Team Leader or Site Based, answers will be poster here weekly as needed.



10 - Callibration after school

11 - 4th and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

14 - Donuts with Dad - Valentine's Day parties

15 - Tami Eldridge's birthday

17 - School holiday/staff make up day

19 - Principals' Meeting

19 - SOURCE (Foundations) meeting

20 - Angel Gomez's birthday/PTO meeting at 6:30 p.m.

21 - Go Texan Day

22 - Susan Hoffman's birthday

24 - Gretchen Montgomery here

24 - Faculty Meeting

25 - 4th and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

28 - Felix Rodriguez's birthday

28 - Spring Fling Pictures

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