Westward Expansion

Go West Reading Project By Jaime Lopez

What does it mean to be an American as a pioneer?

Being a pioneer meant you had to be smart and a hard worker to make it to the destination you wanted to get to.

Pioneers worked hard even when they stopped to take a break they had to feed there oxen bring out there food to cook, detach there oxen. They also had to be smart by knowing which trail to go on where there next stop would be if they ran out of food and water where would they go look for some.

Being Smart

Pioneers had a lot of struggle going across the country with just a minimum amount of supplies they had to know where they could go and get clean water and they also had to know the trail they where going so they wouldn't go off the trail. They had to know how to treat there own wounds,"Johansens youngest daughter fell of the wagon and the rear wheels ran over her legs". Some Pioneers didn't have a Doctor to treat there wounds for them.

Hard Worker

Pioneers had to go hunt there own food and for there family's, even they kids had to help there parents."Dad and i take care of the animals while Ma and Annie cook dinner" the kids would also learn how to drive the oxen. The whole family had it hard all day, if they wanted to get to the west they had to work hard for it.
Moving onto the Plains - Pioneers - Go West


There wagon had a minimum amount of space but they had to carry all there things that would have to last them 6 months on there journey to the west. They Mostly carried a lot of food with them, the kids couldn't take any to dolls with them or any kind of toy because there family would need the space for more useful supplies

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