Leprechaun Hunt

The hunter


Will my leprechaun trap catch the leprechaun?


I think when I use an inclined plane It will help me catch my trap


First I took a green shoe box and took of all the stickers and stuff. Then I took and stick or something to keep the leprechaun trap up. After that I took something shiny and put it in the box. Then you can make the ladder out of wood or something you have at your house so the leprechaun can climb up your box. Then you are done so go get your pesky leprechaun!


Hopefully you didn't try to get your leprechaun before you know how the trap works. This is how my works. First the leprechaun should climb up ladder to get to shiny thing. When he trip over the stick the trap will close and he can't get out till I come and get him.


My trap did work to catch leprechaun and this project was a success!