Library Happenings

Month of May 2016

Lots of fun in the library for the month of May!

There is A LOT happening in our Purefoy library for the month of May! The handy S'More has great information so grab your favorite summertime beverage to sip on, get a snack and get ready to read!

Kate DiCamillo Virtual Author Event!! Today, Friday, May 13

I've signed us up for the Kate DiCamillo Virtual Author Event & Live Webcast today (May 13) for classes that wish to participate!

You can access the webscast at or at if you have trouble connecting! You'll need to download the ZOOM application thru Chrome. If all of this still doesn't work, no worries. The session will most likely be recorded and sent as a separate link on Monday.


Join two-time Newbery award-winning author Kate DiCamillo as she discusses her newest release, Raymie Nightingale, a masterful, moving novel about an unforgettable summer friendship.

DiCamillo, in her role as National Summer Reading Champion, will also talk directly to students about the importance of summer reading and encourage signs ups at local public libraries for the 2016 program “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!” You can learn more about summer reading and Kate’s advocacy for the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) at:

Library fun facts...

*In your box you will find a list of items that are outstanding in your name. No rush on returns, but we just wanted you to have an idea of items due back to the library on May 23. Just to clarify, all teacher library books, kits, materials are due to the library on May 23. Student books are due next week when you have Books/Beach Towels.

*Library is happy to see your students for special classroom incentives or during their recess if they are injured. However, if you could please give us a quick email as a heads up to know to expect guests it would be greatly appreciated!!

*We will be celebrating Children's Book week May 16-19.

End of the Year dates for library

Wow! I cannot believe it is already time to think about inventorying our library. I'm so happy to have been your librarian this year! Thank you all for sharing your readers, for participating in library activities and for your kindness!

Here are important dates and information regarding students and teacher library book due dates!

May 13 - Last day for check out and for regularly scheduled classes.

May 16-19 - Books & Beach Towels/National Children's Book week and ALL student books due. Books/Beach Towels is how your class returns their books for the End of the Year AND how I can sign off on your EOY checklist. Click below for more information and to sign up. There are 37 time slots so hopefully there will be something for everyone! If not, let me know. Please bring your camera for cute photo ops and anything you'd like to work on during your Books/Beach Towels time as you'll need to stay with your students. I'll be working on pulling your reports of student items that are cleared or outstanding!

May 18 & 20 - 8:30-11:00 Ms. Fowler will present the History of Frisco to 3rd grade. If you've never heard her PLEASE stop by as she is an AMAZING storyteller. She is the namesake of Fowler Middle School and assists with the One Room Schoolhouse thru the Heritage Association.

May 19 - Volunteer breakfast - 8:30-9:30 in the library.

May 23 - ALL teacher books are due. Yes this is a little different, but after conferring with Mary we thought it best. There is a new software program for library check in/outs. The previous system was iffy at best. By turning in your items, I can ensure they are actually in our system. Also, we have bits and pieces to different kits in the Professional Library. If your kit happens to be missing something we can rectify it! Additionally, if you've borrowed something without officially checking it out, right now is a great time to return it! No questions asked! :) As soon as the inventory is done on the Professional Library I will open it back up for you to check out any treasures your heart desires! If you want your specific book(s) back - no worries! Please put a sticky with your name on the front of the book. We'll leave it on there for you!!

May 23-25 - Library closed for inventory

May 26 - Field Day

May 30-June 2 - Closed for inventory. Opportunities for classes to sign up for book talks, reading list previews, summer reading opportunities, etc will be available. Sign up sheets will hopefully be available when you come for Books/Beach Towels!

Books and Beach Towels - Sign Up

Sign up here for Books & Beach Towels. Don't forget to send the reminder note below as well. After all, Books and Beach Towels is fun BUT we really want everyone to return books with their class!

Books and Beach Towels - Reminder Notes sorted by date

Use the attached note to place in folders or send to parents via email! Since your kids won’t be coming on their regularly scheduled day, they will need lots of help remembering to return their books as ALL books are due the day your class comes!