by: Suzzane Collins

pages: 374

genre: distopian

lexile: 830


charecter that changed: Katniss, because she finds out that helping others can lead to an advantage instead of being a lone wolf. That teaming up with others she can trust ( Rue & Peeta ) will help to help defeat the careers in a bloody battle. She also makes friendships, even if she knows they cant last.

minor character: Thresh, beacause he spared Katniss towards the end instead of killing her. Katniss was nice to Rue who was the other player with Thresh from district 11. So Thresh saved her from Clove ( district 2 with Cato ) killing her and then let her live. He was later hunted down by Cato for killing Colve.


The ending is kind of about Katniss trying to find her true feelings for Peeta, does she like him or not. If not, is gale meant for her. Also Peeta is finding out that all there love was an act, at least from Katniss. It was all to help her and him with sponsers, but Peeta truely loves her, and I think she truely loves him back. They have just won the HUNGER GAMES but neither one of them seems happy. IT WAS A TOTAL CLIFF HANGER !!!!!