Weather and Climate Project

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Early Spring

Highest High is 73 and Our Lowest low in 19

Wind - 17mph, Direction SW

Precipitation - Light Rains, with Thunder Strorms

Humidity - Was mostly above 60%

My Contact Person

Was my Uncle, His Name is Ken

He said the weather was mostly cold, rainy and humid this winter.

Majority of my predictions were close to the actual temperatures. Around a 12 degrees diffrence

The Current Season is Spring - It is starting to go into the 50's through 70's degrees


36 N and 75 S

Southwest Winds effects Virginia

It is a large city

Yes, Because it is right next to the Atlantic Ocean

No, it is not next to mountains

Yes, It is next to the Atlantic Ocean

The Gulf stream effects my city. There is more rain and humidity

Moving The City

If you moved the city inland it would be, dryer, hot, less humidity and rain