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Region 13

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What does Region XIII Commit to?

• Instructional coaching for cross content teams

• Collaborative goal setting

• Short PD sessions - consistent, effective writing instruction

• Instructional planning

• Model or co-taught lessons

• Observations and debriefs

• Consistent weekly communication

• Opportunities for facilitated Professional Learning Communities, review of student work

Say, Matter, Mean

Say, Matter, Mean is a rigorous strategy that requires students to view text with three different lenses: questioning, inquire deeper meaning and connecting to their own lives.

The steps to completing this activity are outlined below:

  • 1) Create a three column chart on any writing surface.
  • 2) Label the three columns: say, mean and matter.

As students read a text, ask them to fill in information for each column.

  • 3) Say: What does the text say (summary). What happened?
  • 4) Mean: How do you know that? Interpretation of material.
  • 5) Matter: Why does it matter to me or others? Implications.

If you would like to take this activity even further, students could transform the information in the columns into a paragraph or each column could become a paragraph in an essay.

This is also a great spring board activity for literary analysis--a claim (matter), evidence (say), elaboration (mean).

Article Resource

Sometimes, when I'm looking for the perfect article that is both well-written and informative, I can spend hours surfing through links; lost in a maze of academic articles and subpar writing.

Since I've found theamericanscholar.org, I rarely have to surf the dangerous waves of questionable material.

The sight is easy to navigate and all past issues are cataloged. There is even a section titled: "Writing Lessons"

"Each Monday a poet, a novelist, an essayist, a journalist, or a scholar recalls a piece of advice or an experience that was most helpful to their writing career. "

Don't miss out on the link to essays. Perusing through these gems you are bound to find beauty, humor and truth. Joyas Volardores by Brian Doyle walks us through the heart in one of my favorite pieces of all time.

Now, instead of bleary-eyed hours of directionless wandering, I'm constantly confronted with inspiration.

Happy searching!