Supporting our Teachers

Classroom Connection

Over these next couple weeks the Library will support the teachers of Coopertown with our classroom connection, Author's Purpose. Students will read, learn, and create while focused on the author's purpose of various texts available in print and through our digital resources at the Coopertown Library.

Future Planning

Let's get to work!

We are so excited for the new school year! Please remember that the Library Team is here for you! Here are some examples of what we can help you and your students with:

  1. We can pull books on a particular topic or theme.
  2. You need mentor texts? We've got them! Let's start building some resource lists for the years to come!
  3. We can share great books with your students that connect thematically to the content in your classroom. Let's build that background knowledge together!
  4. We want to plan our library lessons with a curriculum connection in mind. If you need support teaching a standard, let us know. We will find a way to incorporate it into the library lessons.
  5. We can work together on a research project (all subject areas).
  6. We can help with individual students and small groups. We can help with differentiation!
  7. We can put together a list of links on a particular topic.
  8. We can help you learn more about a particular technology tool or app.

The list goes on and on...just let us know what you need! We are here for you!

Reaching Out

We know how active a classroom teacher's day can be, so we will reach out to you regularly for planning purposes. Email is an easy way to stay in synch, but we would also love to come to your grade level meetings or meet up for lunch. Let us know when you meet, and we will try to stop by.