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Saturday, September 25 at 8:00am (EDT)

"Sports Media Coverage of Elite Female Athletes with Disabilities"

WomenSport International (WSI) hosts the webinar on "Sports Media Coverage of Elite Female Athletes with Disabilities". Three WSI board members, Dr. Toni Bruce, Dr. Becky Clark, and Dr. Dunja Antunovic, are sharing updated information on sports media coverage of female athletes with disabilities at the Tokyo Paralympics and other elite events such as Deaflympics and Special Olympics!!

  • Date: September 25, 2021
  • Time: 8:00am EDT (9pm JPT, 12am NZT, 2pm in Europe/Africa)
  • Language: English

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WomenSport International (WSI)

WSI is committed to ensuring girls and women have equal opportunities to engage in, enjoy and benefit from participating in sport and physical activity. Through networking, collaboration and valid research based information, WSI educates and advocates for positive change for girls and women’s equality in sport.