TEAM Anderson Times

August 30, 2015

TEAM Anderson is off to a great start! The past week and a half we have concentrated on our culture and climate and have done several activities where we have practiced collaboration. Your children are so motivated to learn and are doing a fantastic job!


We have been learning about non-fiction elements in reading. To better comprehend, we need to look at the title, subtitle, captions, photographs, diagrams, maps, glossary and index. We applied the learning to our own non-fiction book and went on a scavenger hunt within our own books. This week we will be making non-fiction element posters.


In writing, we have reviewed the organization and content of a good paragraph. All paragraphs should be indented, have a topic sentence, at least 5 details and a closing sentence. We created silly sentences using noun and verbs cards. Next, we will be working on adding descriptive words to make our writing come alive.


The first 2 weeks of math have been a lot of review in rounding numbers to the nearest hundred thousand, as well as working on place value. Students took the beginning of the year math test to give us an insight into skills they need to work on and review from last year. We are hoping to switch for math groups on Tuesday. Your child will either stay with me, or go to Ms. Akin or Mrs. Burton's classroom. Our goal is to really differentiate.

Social Studies

This week we will start learning about the 3 branches of the government, both at a national and state level. We will be talking a lot about why we have laws, who makes them and apply that learning to why we have rules at TBE and in our classroom.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, September 7th- LABOR DAY (NO SCHOOL)
  • Friday, September 18th- Field Day (VOLUNTEER HERE!)

Special Rotations

August 28 - Art

September 7 - Tech/Library with Mrs. Moss

September 14 - PE

September 21 - Music

Every Tuesday - Library book checkout

Every Thursday from 10:10-10:55 - Electives