Moodle has hit 2.4!

With all kinds of new 'fun' to be had!!


We've decided to upgrade our Moodle server to 2.4 for one major reason: collapsed topics course format.

This makes the courses look elegant, official and professional. Karabar is currently using 2.4 as well as several tertiary institutions.

It's a great way to set up your course and make it look organised.

There are also lots of other great new features to Moodle 2.4, including increased intuitiveness and easier ways to add content and activities.

Collapsed Topics

Easy to do. Great to use.

The collapsed topics format can be accessed when you set up your course from scratch- instead of selecting 'Topics' you can select 'Collapsed Topics' as your format. You edit your topic headings when you move out into the main course.

This kind of course looks great with a few simple files and activities. Try to get documents into pdfs to assist with the process. The icons also look slicker, which is a bonus.

You can adapt your old course to collapsed topics, but you'll need to tweak it a little bit. Don't worry! You won't destroy the course by changing the format.

Intuitive File Picker

The File Picker is now easier to use. When you upload something to your course you get a great range of activities ready to go. You can still upload files, and in some cases you can just drag and drop, rather than going through the process of browsing/uploading.

Need help?

I'm happy to come a help set up, adapt, upload, and settle general tech nerves anytime I'm not in front of a class.