South Oaks School

March 2019

Dates to Remember

March 1 - New Book Event & Literacy Month Closing Assembly 9:30 AM - "Superheroes"

March 4-15 - South Oaks Fundraiser: World's Finest Chocolates

March 4 - Kindergarten Reports available on Parent Portal 4 PM

March 8 - Administration Day - No Classes

March 14,15 - Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 15 - Grade 1-4 Report Cards Issued

March 22 - Assembly at 9:15 AM

March 22 - Last day of classes before Spring Break

March 25-29 - Spring Break - No School

April 1 - First day of Spring Term

Principal's Message

What does it mean to be an “Alpha?” parent?

At the recent Gordon Neufeld sessions, we learned about the Alpha and Dependent roles in relationships. According to Dr. Neufeld, people don’t attach at the same level, but rather It is hierarchical. So, an Alpha connects to a Dependent. An Alpha does not connect to another Alpha. The Alpha and Dependent roles can be traded at times, but attachment requires both roles to facilitate a connection.

Dr. Neufeld suggested that in our current culture, a lot of adults are taking a Dependent role with their children. When that happens, the child instinctively takes the Alpha role. We see more and more students at school with this Alpha complex and it is a source of great frustration for the child. They try to be in charge, but they can’t because they are children. This frustration can result in all sorts of aggressive behaviour because the frustration can not be resolved.

So, the adults need to step into the Alpha role, but what does that look like? Dr. Neufeld says the parent as the Alpha sends messages such as, “I’ve got you, You have come to the right person, I’ve got the solution for you, I will help you, don’t worry.” Alpha is not about being intimidating or domineering. The power you need as a parent will come once the attachment is secure.

To support parents in learning more about the importance of attachment, we have purchased a parent program on DVD. The material consists of 24 sessions with Dr. Neufeld. This would be great to do as a small group or with your spouse. We will have these DVDs available in the library if you are interested. Just see our librarian if you wish to borrow them for a time.

Have a great month!

Dale Martens

South Oaks School Fundraiser

The World's Finest Chocolate sales fundraiser will run from Mar. 4-15. This annual fundraiser is a partnership between the PTA and the school. Fundraising proceeds will go towards the new piano for our assemblies, as well as some technology tools for the school.

This year, we are trying some new Laura Secord chocolate bar products, as well as the chocolate covered almonds that are very popular. The cost for either a chocolate bar or a box of almonds is now $3.00. We will have prizes for the top 3 highest sales and also a prize for the class that sells the most product. Thank-you for your support for our annual fundraiser.

Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conferences

Kindergarten Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th. Substitute teachers will be in for our Kindergarten teachers on that day while the Kindergarten Parent/Teacher conferences take place in other rooms in the school.

School Supply Shopping for 2019-20

Last year, we piloted a new way to do school supply shopping in grade 4. Teachers went shopping and bought the best quality supplies in bulk and managed to get supplies at good prices. Parents paid a $30.00 fee and just needed to provide a few things like backpacks, shoes and lunch kits. The PTA and the school have received positive feedback about the trial, so we would like to try this approach with all classes next year. The parent fee should be around $30.00, with a limit of $35.00. We still have to determine exactly what our costs will be.

If you have any concerns about this approach, please provide feedback to the PTA or to the school office. We want to hear what you think! Thanks in advance for your ideas and your willingness to consider trying something new.

Excellent Attendance

Being in school every day means your child won't miss out on learning. Try to schedule appointments and family trips outside of school hours. If your student asks to stay home "just because" remind them of what they'll miss, such as reading groups and art classes. Explain that he/she can be absent only if it is related to sickness or if there is a family emergency. Thanks for your cooperation in partnering with the school in promoting excellent attendance.

Triple P - New positive parenting course starts soon…

When? April 2, 9, 16, 30, 2019

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Where? New Bothwell School

Who? Jocelyn Kingshott RN BN - Public Health Nurse


To register call: Jocelyn @ 204-346-7013


First come first serve basis.

A waiting list will be started for those who cannot register due to class being full.

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