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A wonderful week in Kindergarten

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Newsletter September 21st.

Newsletter. September 21st.

The children are settling into the new school routine. They may start to get very tired. This is normal. They are working on conflict resolution skills. They are beginning to use “I statements”. This is a very empowering process where children learn to talk to each other about different issues. The group is also learning how to work together and how to be good listeners.

Math. The children are developing graph work and learning the terminology of reading a graph. They are working on number writing, representing numbers in a concrete form while also working on one to one correspondence of object to numbers. They are counting forwards and backwards.

Language arts. The children are writing stories and they read their stories to the other children. They sit in a chair and read their story and then the other children give positive comments about the story. The children are sequencing the alphabet and rhyming words. This is all part of reading readiness. They are playing listening games and getting to know you games. Having read their first big book story, called I Like, they will now beginning to make their own books.

Social studies. The children are beginning to learn the continents of the world and they are studying Australia.

French. The children in French class are learning about greetings and French and English cognates.

Science.In our science special, kindergartners started with an engineering unit by working with a partner to solve building challenges using wooden blocks. The class learned about beam bridges and partnered to build a strong bridge with a limited amount of paper and tubes. Many problem-solved this task to support the beam bridge using an extra paper or handmade roll in the middle. The students will continue with engineering challenges by building strong bridges using various materials. Also in the science lesson the students are working on the natural world and have begun the study of trees and leaf recognition. They will learn how to recognize the different leaves on the playground.

Assembly. This week the students discovered the meaning of NED. N means never give up.

E means give encouragement to each other: you may not know something YET. D means opening your mind so you can discover and learn. If you close down to discovering things you will not learn. It was a very good motivational assembly, which the k children enjoyed.

On Friday kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade all joined together to think about peace as it is international peace day on Saturday. During Lower School sing the children listened to a story, sang songs about peace and love, said a chant about peace and said peace in different languages. They had a very happy time.

BIRTHDAYS. It was Pearl"s birthday this week. When your child has a birthday, please send in a treat. Talk to me for ideas. Also please send in a photo for each year of his or her life. I get the children to walk a time line.

Important dates.

P.E. Monday and Friday. Sneakers needed.

Library. Library is on Thursday but books need to be returned Wednesday in the book bag.

Pet day. On Wednesday 26th September. Bring your pet to the Jane Jackson field at 8:15 am. Mingle and admire all the pets in the BFS community.

Parenting night Please return the yellow form from the back to school night file to respond to the parenting evening on October 6th. You may email me your responds if you would like to. This is a very important night so please try to come. I have several responses already so thank you.

Spark at Honey Hollow on Friday 21st September.

Peace fair is on Saturday 22nd September. A fun thing to come to as a family. 10:30 - 4:00 pm.

Glowga October 12th 6:30 -8:30 in the auditorium. (See Just the facts for more details.)

In peaceful and friendship.