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October 2019

Happy Fall

By now, most of our parents have met their child’s teachers and other school staff. However, there are other important members of our Gashland community who do many other things that enrich our school who you may not have met yet — our Gashland-Clardy Booster Club and our business partners – Gashland Baptist Church, Gashland Presbyterian Church, Gashland United Methodist Church, Reed Portrait Gallery, Danielle Kohler Agency, Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper and Arvest Bank . These organizations provide additional educational opportunities for our students with resources and personnel. Please read the following information and consider how fortunate we are to have our GA/CL Booster Club and Business Partners working to support your child’s education.

Booster Club Our Booster Club sponsored the World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser. Profits from this fundraiser go to each school to provide FREE field trips for all of our students and student recognition awards enriching educational experiences for all. These funds also allow us to invite a real-live children’s author to visit our Gashland students and inspire future authors and illustrators! If you haven’t joined yet, please do so. Thank you, Booster Club, and thank you to all who participated!!

Business Partners – we are most fortunate at Gashland to have 9 active business partners. These organizations provide various kinds of support for students and staff. We’ve enjoyed coffee and bagels, clothes and shoes for students, student lunch account forgiveness, holiday family adoptions, newly painted building inside and out, lunch buddies and youth friend tutors. They also provided sitters for our grade level meetings in August and will provide support for our Literacy CAMP-IN Night October 3 and “All Are Welcome” Family Celebration in November. We are truly blessed by these congregations and businesses who care about us.

Finally, October also brings an opportunity for our teachers and parents to visit during Parent Teacher conferences October 7th, 8th, and 10th. We look forward to this opportunity for our staff to sit with you and discuss your child’s progress thus far this school year. We have many celebrations to share with you! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

~ Cindy Lakin, Principal EdS

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We would like to extend our thanks to the following business partners for their support of our upcoming "Camp in" literacy night!

Hy-Vee- donated all the firewood

Gashland Presbyterian Church- loaned us tents, fire pits and is bringing volunteers to help us staff the event.

Price Chopper- Provided ingredients for s'mores and drinks.

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Lunch Room

We are ready to welcome parents to come have lunch with their child. We have been practicing our lunch room rules and procedures and are ready to show you what we know. You are welcome to bring outside food in or eat school lunch with your child.
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Attendance Policy

Why is school so important?

When your child is absent or late to school it will impact their success

  • They get a late start on their school day
  • They get behind on classroom work
  • They miss important leaning opportunities, such as targeted academic interventions
  • They miss the opportunity to ask their teacher questions and receive valuable teacher directed instruction
  • Absences can affect their ability to develop strong peer relationships and important social skills.

School Board Policy

Once enrolled, the North Kansas City School Board of Education expects:

  • Students to attend school regularly
  • Parents/Guardians or other adults having charge, control or custody of the student to communicate regularly and honestly with the district regarding the student's absences.
  • Every student to have 95% attendance or better
  • State law requires district staff to report all instances of educational neglect to Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect hotline.
  • If a student falls below the district expectation of attendance, reported reasons and received documentation are taken into consideration in the non-attendance process.

Kindergarten News

We’ve been in school for more than a month now and for the most part, kindergarteners are settled in and comfortable with their classrooms, school, and routines! Some of them know their lunch PIN numbers by heart and can enter them. (Keep practicing if your child doesn’t know it yet.). They know where different places are located and the names of our encore teachers. Many of them have learned the names of their classmates. They are remembering our Gashland procedures for the hall, restroom, Star café, recess, arrival/dismissal, etc. Whew! They have learned a lot!

We are also discussing bus safety and how to be respectful, responsible, and safe on the bus. Many students have earned “Bus Bucks” from their bus drivers for being a safe bus rider. Bus riders of course need many of these procedures, but all of the kindergarteners will be riding on buses to field trips during the year and need to know how to sit and act safely on and around the buses.

The kindergarten students have been working hard. Please be sure to look over their work with them and ask them about what they’ve been doing. It’s often hard for children to remember all that they did that day but looking at something they brought home will jog their memories. You can also reinforce what your student has been learning. When you see your child’s new alphabet character sheet come home, please take the opportunity to have your child practice that letter’s name and sound, as well as how to form the letter. He or she may be able to do the letter’s motion too. When your child brings home a new labeled drawing, check to see if he or she can read the name of the object. The name will combine letters/sounds that we have previously learned.

Please help your child practice writing his or her first name correctly—with only the first letter capitalized. Read to your child daily and talk about the stories. Help your child recall the characters, setting, and important events in order. (Remember to write the book titles on your student’s ‘Catch the Buzz… Bee a Reader’ list! Many children have already accomplished one or more lists. Thank you!). We SO appreciate your working with your child one on one and partnering with us to accomplish as much as we can this year!

-Mrs. Agbaji, Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Kingery, Mrs. Lansangan and Mrs. Settles

First Grade News

First Grade News~

This is an exciting time of year for first grade students and their teachers. It is both encouraging and rewarding to witness the tremendous growth we are seeing already in our learners.

Please read with your child each night from their Book Bag. This is such a powerful and critical habit to begin with your little student. It builds both fluency and the love reading. The time and effort that you as families will give in the evenings to help make your child a better reader, is the critical piece to making our “Bee A Reader” program such a huge success! Please know that all you do at home is much appreciated by your child’s teacher, and more importantly, by the most important person, your child.

What Will We Learn?

Readers Workshop: Children will spend time each day selecting and reading from their “just right books”. Children will make meaning when reading books that tell stories and books that give information. We will discuss ways these two types of books are different and important strategies to read both of these styles of writing. Students will learn to ask and answer questions while listening to reading and reading independently. We will also continue to work hard on our decoding strategies and sight words.

Writers Workshop: Children will write all bout books about things they like or know a lot about. We will examine ways authors tell information and try it out in our own writing. They will use words, illustrations and details. Students will learn to plan their writing and ways to organize the information. Students will also focus on the mechanics and conventions of writing by using an uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence and closing with a punctuation mark.

Math Workshop: Students are becoming familiar with numbers and operations in our world. We spend time using our “prove it” strategies like drawing a picture, using a tool, or mental math to apply computation skills to solving word problems. Students are learning many important strategies for adding numbers: counting on, using landmark numbers, making tens, numbers lines and doubles are some of our favorites. Students are also learning to justify their thinking by explaining their strategies and solutions to another.

Social Studies: The children are learning what it means to be a responsible citizen, the necessity for rules at school and at home, and the need for peaceful solutions of disputes in a school setting. Science: Students will be planning and investigating sound waves. We will discover sound can make matter vibrate and vibrating matter can make sound.

-Mrs. Kimball, Mrs. Minter, Mrs. Robke, Ms. Roddy & Ms. Vaughn

Pre-K News

We are continuing to work on getting those rules, procedures, and routines down in preschool. We are so proud of the hard work our kiddos are showing us! We finished our “Welcome to School” unit of study in September and have jumped right into our “All About Me” unit of study. So far, we have gotten to know our peers better as we learned about our favorite things and discussed our similarities and differences. We are excited to visit the school library every Wednesday to hear Mrs. S read us a book or two. It is fun to check out a book each week to bring back to our classroom. We keep these books in our library center in our classroom so we can enjoy the books our classmates check out too! We completed our fall assessment, and we are looking forward to sharing our results with families at conferences.

-Mrs. Tapp & Mrs. Hensley

Nurse's News

October is the beginning of the flu season. Flu shots are available now at your doctor’s office and various clinics. I encourage everyone to have a flu vaccination. Remember handwashing is extremely important in preventing the spread of the flu.

We have already seen some episodes of fever. NKC schools considers a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above a fever. Thank you to all the parents that have been keeping students home until the symptoms are gone for 24 hours. Remember that students need to be fever free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school.

I have to say that I’m excited for the cooler weather of Fall to begin! It will be nice to have more comfortable temperatures for outdoor recess!!


Theresa Keaveney, RN

Counselor's Corner

Throughout September, we worked on our skills in dealing with bully behaviors during counselor time in the classroom. A few stories we have shared, include “Pout Pout Fish & the Bully-Bully Shark” & “Bully Beans” & “Chester and the Big, Bad Bully.”

Students are being taught to recognize bullying tactics (ie, repetitive behaviors against others &/or targeting people from a position of power), align themselves with victims, not bullies, and seek help from adults. Like our school pledge states, “it is never o.k. to be disruptive or hurtful, but always o.k. to be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.”

In October/November, we will address safe touch and keeping our bodies safe. You will receive a letter in your child’s take-home folder prior to us conducting that lesson. If you have questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number or email below.

Thank you for trusting us and working with us to make your child’s school experience a positive success! We are here for your child and for you, as well.

Nancy Muller-School Counselor

T/W/Fri-Gashland Elementary



In the library, we are busy reading the 2019-2020 Missouri Award Books! Each year the Missouri Association of School Librarians puts out lists of books to provide children of Missouri with a recommended reading list of literature that will enrich their lives. We have been reading books from the Show Me Readers Award List and the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award List.

The purpose of reading the award books is to promote literature, literacy, and reading in Missouri elementary schools and to promote recognition of authors and illustrators of books that are favorites of Missouri children. Students have been listening to these books during their library lessons.

Thank you to the families who have enrolled in our Birthday Book Club! If you need more information about our Birthday Book Club, please let me know!

Contact Information:

Gashland Library Circulation Desk – 321-5106

Or call Mrs. Bradfield directly at 321-4212

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Bradfield, School Librarian



In PE, we are finishing up our Cooperative Learning unit! We’ve learned fun games like Chicken Tag (definitely a student favorite!), Airplanes, Silly Banana Tag, Go Cars Go and stations! Now, are we starting Unit 2- Movement Concepts. During this unit some objectives are: I can move safely going different directions in the gym, I can move safely traveling fast or slow in the gym, and I can show different ways to balance using different body parts.

For Health, we are finishing up our Social and Emotional Well-Being unit and will be getting into Unit 2- Physical Wellness. During this unit we will be talking about nutrition and the importance of being active!

Lots of fun things planned for PE and Health! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Also, I have a Twitter page for Gashland PE/Health! I will be sharing updates, photos, student work and videos of activities we do in class! Feel free to check out my page and follow me at @CoachLozanoNKC

Thank you!

Coach Lozano


First graders in art have been learning about concentric circles. We identified them in nature, we drew them, and we made them with construction paper in the rainbow colors. Next, we will turn them into rainbow fish. Finally, we will paint them in the style of Kandinsky while learning about color! We have been very busy indeed!

Kindergarteners have also been learning about circles. We have been learning how to cut a circle from a square. We will learn how to draw them and what kinds of objects can be made from them. We are going to learn about circles as big as the Earth and as small as a pea. Look for some fun painted circles to come home soon! We are also learning to paint in layers and with a variety of objects. We always paint with washable paints and wear paint shirts but if you have any concerns please let me know.


Our Gashland Stars have been creating wonderful music this month! All of our singers have been practicing singing our Gashland School Song and Shining Star Song. See if any of your students know these songs as well:

Sally go ‘round the sun.

Sally go ‘round the moon.

Sally go ‘round the chimney top.

Every afternoon.

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town.

Upstairs and downstairs in high nightgown.

Rapping at the window, calling at the locks.

Are the children in their beds? It is 8 o’clock!

Our grade levels have been focusing on these skills:

Kindergarten: We have been learning different ways to use our voice including singing, speaking, and whispering. We have played so many instruments including the woodblock, handdrums, triangles, rhythm sticks, and sandblocks.

First Grade: We are learning how to read rhythms in first grade music. We have learned about Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, and Quarter Rests.

-Mrs. Lovenduski

Literacy Launch

Strategies for Teaching Sight Words

Sight words are learned through basic memorization. The trick is to make learning fun for your little reader by utilizing purposeful review of the words in meaningful and fun ways.

Try some of these strategies for teaching sight words:

  • While you are reading aloud to your child or simply going about your day, be sure to point them out any time you come across one. If you are reading a book, be sure to underline the word with your child and have them do the same. Have them trace the letters.
  • Write a book together, using sight words in repetition. For example, if the sight word you are working on is “go”, you might write a story of a visit to the zoo, using the basic sentence: "We go see the ______ (fill in an animal name)." The constant use and exposure to the sight words for your child’s grade level is important.
  • Play a memory game. Write each sight word on two index cards. (So the game doesn't get unwieldy, only work with seven or eight words at a time.) Lay the cards face down, so the words are hidden. Have your child try to match the words. At first, matching will primarily be through letter identification, but as they get more fluent, they will be able to identify sight words on their own. Be sure to have them read you the word as they flip each card over. It’s okay to help them if they don’t know the word on the card.
  • Make flashcards. Using index cards, write each sight word on one side. Practice going through the cards with your child repeatedly.

  • If you don't mind a bit of good, clean, (smart) fun, try this activity using shaving cream and a cookie sheet. Spray shaving cream (cream, not gel) on to the cookie sheet. Help your child write sight words in the shaving cream using their fingers. What's great about this activity is that if they make a mistake it can easily be fixed. Encourage correct letter formation as well. By having your child "feel" how the words are formed, it will become easier for them to recognize the letters.

--Save the Date!!! October 3rd @ Gashland “Camp In” Literacy Night---

**Save the Date for our 'All Are Welcome Night' November 21st, 7:00-8:30pm**

Mark your calendars for Gashland’s first ever All Are Welcome Night—a family celebration and cultural fair! Please see the attachment for more information and volunteer opportunities.

Culture Night Volunteer Form

Family Culture Question of the month!

Thank you to everyone who participated in last month's question, telling us about your elementary school. Click the link to watch a video of the responses.

October Question of the Month

What is your name? Tell us about your first name, last name, or both (click on the link above).

Padlet: This month we are trying a new format for responses. On Padlet, you may type an answer, record a video, or upload a file. Click the link or scan the QR code, then click the ‘+’ in the bottom corner. Write your name for the title, then click ‘Write something’ or use the tools at the bottom of the box to make a recording or add a file.

World Culture Corner

World Culture Corner

This year we will feature a different country each month, highlighting home countries of some of our Gashland families. If you would like to share information about your family’s home country, please email Elizabeth Thompson---
Let’s get to know each other better!

Mexico (Official name: United Mexican States)
Location: Southern portion of North America
Size: 758,449 square miles (13th largest country by land mass)
Climate: Variety of climate and land structures:
• dry, hot deserts in the north
• central plateau with cooler temperatures and more rain than in the north
• jungles with higher humidity and more rainfall along southeast coastal areas
Language: Spanish is the official language. Mexico has the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. More than two hundred local languages are also spoken throughout the country.
Population: 125,959,205—most live in urban areas
Currency: Mexican Peso

Fun Facts:

  • Mexico City is one of the largest cities in North America, with a population of about 21 million people

  • Futbol (soccer), bullfighting, and professional wrestling are popular spectator sports in Mexico

  • The main meal of the day typically occurs between 2 and 4 p.m., while the evening meal is a light snack, called a cena or merienda.

Mexico: (2019). CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest. Retrieved from

Next month’s country: Sudan

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