The Nile River

The River that helped people back in ancient Egypt.

Why the people settled near the Nile

People settled near the Nile River to grow crops, food, and also for a water source to feed herds of animals.The Nile River flooded every year which carried many different minerals such as rich dirt, or silt.Silt is very helpful for growing crops and grains like wheat, peas, barley, and melons.The Nile River also helped the Egyptians raise animals such as cattle.

Daily Life on the Nile River

The homes of the egyptians were made of mud bricks and mortar to keep the bricks together.

The upper class mainly hunted birds in the papyrus marshes.

Papyrus was a plant that grew near the Nile and was used for making baskets,sandals,rope and for paper or " writing material".

Physical Features

The Nile is known to be the worlds longest river and is about 4,135 miles long!

The Nile River is unlike most rivers in that it flows from the south to the north.

The elevation of the Nile is much higher in the south and much lower in the north!


The Nile River was their highway.

The Egyptians made their boats out of papyrus and also made boats for funerals.

The Egyptains offered gold and traded for things like animal skin or hide (fur).

They also traded with the Middle Eastern kingdoms for items like silver,cedar,oils,horses,copper and lapis lazuli.