Stew's News You Can Use

your weekly update from the secretaries

Because I email you guys way too much...

I'm jumping on the weekly newsletter bandwagon in an attempt to

  1. Get info to you in a timely basis
  2. Cut down on the number of mass emails I'm sending you every week
  3. Keep you better informed about what's going on in Office World
  4. Give you one more thing to click on and read on Monday mornings

Ok, scratch #4.

Pre-K and K registration

Please be patient with Miss Greenlee the next two weeks as she facilitates our annual Pre-K and Kindergarten registrations. She will still be glad to take care of you like she always does, but you'll need to be aware that they may be a slight delay on some things as she gets the parents all the info they need in order to bring us some new faces for next year.

Staff Shirt Order

It's not too late (but almost!) to order your FHE shirt. They are available in lots of different colors and styles and start as low as $10 each. These are NOT a fundraiser - we make zero dollars from this.

If you don't currently have an FHE shirt or even if you are like me and just want to add one more to your ever growing collection of FHE wear, please get your order and MONEY to Rhonda ASAP!

Checks should be made to S & M Sport Shop.

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart...

...or my copier door! Copier #2 downstairs is hanging by a hinge - literally! The door keeps getting broken off due to a missing pin. The good folks at Toshiba have PROMISED a replacement pin is on the way, but please be sure that if you open the side door to remove a paper jam you both open and shut it carefully. If it falls off again, the machine is down and out for the count until the part arrives!
Speaking of the copier, your limits on all 3 machines have been reset effective 3/28/14 for the 4th nine weeks. Now don't get copy making crazy on us, but you've got them to make now. Until the machine breaks again, anyway.

Have You Looked at Your Cumulative Records Lately?

We're down to the wire - only 9 weeks left! Beaches here we come!

Don't miss your reservation because you're stuck at your day job checking kid's folders and trying to get info for them. Remember that the Accountability Folders, Cumulative Records, and Read to Achieve portfolios all have to be complete, checked, and signed off on before you can leave for the year. If you need a checklist of keeps and purges or a brief rundown, just stop by and see me!

Taking the time to do 2 or 3 a week now will ensure smooth sailing as you say Bon Voyage to FHE and Aloha to summer vacation!

We Need Some Teacher Money

Recent changes to finance procedures have left us somewhat at a loss when it comes to rewarding you guys. The new policies state that any monies spent on teachers or staff must be raised for that purpose AND cannot be raised by parents or students.

What does this mean? Well for starters, we have next to no money raised through teacher efforts. The basketball game gave us a good start, but we only made $800 and we spent almost $300 of that feeding you dinner at Parent/Teacher conferences last week.

I've got a few ideas on things we can do to raise these funds but I need your help! If you'd be interested in facilitating an event or if you have ideas for one, shoot me an email! Teacher Appreciation week is coming and we want to be able to get you something better than discount Easter candy!