Pets Love EOs!

Using Essential Oils on Your Pets

Pets Love Essential Oils!

My English Bulldog, Henry, LOVES Lavender EO! Lavender has changed his life in fact. Prior to Lavender EO, Henry was so itchy all the time from allergies that he would scratched himself raw, and his belly and arm pit skin was always red and weapy. But now, we put a drop of Lavender, diluted in a quarter size pour of Fractioned Coconut Oil (FCO), on his belly and arm pitts each day, and he feels great! He is no longer itchy nor is he as grumpy!

We also love to use EO to keep his ears clean and healthy. I use a few drops of melalueca, lavender, frankincense, and arborvitae diluted in a 15ml bottle of FCO with a spray top. I spray on the inside flap of their ears 1-2 times/day to keep them healthy.

Great Interview With a Vet Who Loves EO!

Dr. Karen Becker is a vet who loves natural solutions and she has a great website with a lot of great research. Check it our below:

In the video and article below, Dr. Karen Becker interviews Melissa Shelton, DVM. Though I believe Dr. Shelton is using YL oils, the information is great and can be applied to doTERRA oils! She has great insight, wisdom, and experience with using essential oils for animails.

Dr. Karen Becker interviews Melissa Shelton, DVM.


When using any EO on your pets, be sure to look up recomendations on safety prior to use. Also, always dilute the oil with a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO), as our essential oils are very powerful and potent.

Our pets are our loved ones too, lets keep them healthy with natural solutions!