Principal Praises

October 2020

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To our New Bridge Family,

As we wind down our first quarter here at New Bridge, I want to thank you for helping us launch this unprecedented year and assure you that your students are learning in a kind, safe, and nurturing environment. I feel extremely fortunate to be the principal of a school with such wonderful children, a motivated and dedicated staff, and parents who work with us to create an environment where students learn through innovative and collaborative methods and activities. Our faculty and staff are highly committed to providing the most rewarding education possible and making this process of learning an enjoyable experience, in spite of the constraints of physical distancing, wearing masks, and changes to everyday procedures. We're including a few fun pics of our day-to-day learning, procedures, etc. Please thank your children for their cooperative efforts! Note the calendar items towards the end of this newsletter. Thank you!

Principal Bukey

Students working hard to physically distance!

New Bridge is striving every minute of every day to meet our assurances for Covid-19 mitigation. Physical distancing, hand sanitizing, and carefully orchestrated schedules are a priority. We're proud of the efforts our Knights make, as hard as it is, to keep one another safe! Go Knights!

How do germs spread?

These fifth graders, taught by Mrs. Rockwell, had a "hands on" unit in how germs spread and the importance of washing, cleaning, and sanitizing. Wearing plastic gloves, students were able to see in a safe way how germs can be spread so easily. Although they had different constraints than the students in the video below, they learned some important lessons!

To find out more about what they learned, try watching this awesome video.

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Celebrating Summer SORA Challenge Winners! Celebrating Reading!

Knights Bingo Winners!

New Bridge Noble Knights

Noble Knight Pledge:

I am a New Bridge Noble Knight. Today I pledge to be a respectful, responsible, and safe learner. I will be an example of scholarship, leadership, and moral excellence!

Students have multiple opportunities every day to receive "scholar points" for displaying positive behaviors and following school rules. Their tickets go into daily classroom and school-wide drawings. When their name is drawn in the school-wide drawing, they come to the office, receive a prize, sign our celebrity book, pick up their "positive note home" and then get their name up on our BINGO board. The first two rows who receive a bingo then get to celebrate with Principal Bukey. This month we had "Pizza with the Principal." Each winner chose a friend to join the principal for pizza. It looked a little different this year as we had to spread out outside on the grass, but we loved celebrating our students' positive behaviors. A special thanks goes out to our school counselor, Mrs. Welch, and her 6th grade peer leaders for helping us organize this! Here are our Knights Bingo winners and their teachers' names for our first celebration:

Hudson - 5th, Ambruster

Eiry - 6th, B Johnson

Casche - 3rd, Brunsvik

Dylan - K, Clark

Canon - 3rd, Eklund

Jaiden - 1st, Grunau

Samson - 1st, Grunau

Annalicia - 2nd, Henriquez

Christian - 5th, Hopkins

Jase - 1st, Losito

Barbara - 6th, M Johnson

Lauren - 6th, M Johnson

Allison - 2nd, Ordowski

Ty - 5th, Rockwell

Cole - 5th, Rockwell

Anavell - 4th, Stallings

Oskar - K, Tadlock

Rhykar - K, Tadlock

Lexie - 4th, Witkowski

Benjamin - 4th, Witkowski


Each month, teachers have the pleasure of recognizing their "students of the month." Students are chosen in three categories:

Scholarship - "Students are taking ownership for their learning."

Leadership - "Students are working cooperatively to achieve goals, respect themselves and others, inspire and motivate their peers and promote a culture of school pride and belonging."

Moral Excellence - "Students are being good, honest, respectful, courageous, and kind. They do the right thing, even when no one is looking."

We are proud of our students who try every day to do their best and to become scholars, accountable for their behaviors, learning, and choices.

Congratulations to the following:

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A shining description of what it means to show scholarship, by Mrs. Eklund!

Aeriis has been a great example of a student taking ownership of their own learning. Aeriis is always one of the first students to answer questions in class. But, it's not being first that's important, it's the fact that she has thought over her answer before she shouts out something. She thinks through her answer before she gives it. She is conscientious of making sure that she does her best work when solving difficult problems. She has made great growth academically this year and I can't wait to see how she keeps growing and learning. She is a shining example of a student who deserves this scholarship award.

A glowing example of what it means to show leadership, by Mrs. Olivieri

Ana is a natural born leader. She tries to help her peers stay on task. She is regularly the first student ready with her materials and will then motivate others to do the same. When her page is open to the correct spot she will lift her book up to show the class what the page looks like. I am so glad she is such a great helper in our class!

A stellar example of what we strive for when we have moral excellence, by Ms. Kartchner

Etta shares thoughtful comments with others and treats everyone in a just and honest way. She is trustworthy, courageous, and kind. She watches out for her classmates and helps create a loving atmosphere in our class. She helps keep her dear teacher happy all day everyday!

Knights Passing off Math Lessons!

I recently witnessed 4th & 5th graders passing off math lessons, left and right! These mathematicians are working hard to achieve their goals. Way to go scholars!
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October at home STEM Challenge

From Mr. Palmer:

Here is the video for the October STEM challenge:

Please watch for fun details about this month's challenge and earn a "Unicorn" Knight just for participating! Due October 30 to the student's homeroom class. Papers went home last week with details.

This year we will be chucking pingpong balls instead of mini-pumpkins. Each child that brings a catapult will be given their own pingpong ball so that no materials are being shared. This is more sanitary and consistent for practice.

Here is a cool video about catapults and chucking pumpkins the students may enjoy.

Watch the full video here:

Problem solving is what we're about at New Bridge!

4th Grade Project Lead the Way & Ozobots!

What is Project Lead the Way? You may hear your child referring to what they did in "PLTW" today. Project Lead The Way is a curriculum and teaching approach that provides transformative learning experiences for our students and teachers. It creates an engaging, hands-on classroom environment and empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. It also provide teachers with the training, resources, and support they need to engage students in real-world learning.

At New Bridge, our students start coding as early as kindergarten and code in many fun ways. Our 4th graders got to use our Ozobots for the first time and they had so much fun!

September STEM Challenge Winners

Winners for the Watercraft September STEM Challenge were announced in the video below.121 students participated, and the winner of the giant knight was Ms. Kartchner for the most participation. All students who participate earn a knight, and the winners each earned a glow in the dark knight!

(Thanks for making those on our 3D printers, Mr. Palmer!!)


1st place - 172 pennies - Antonio

2nd place - 136 pennies - Oscar

3rd place - 99 pennies - Victor

1st grade

1st place - 110 pennies - Garrett

2nd place - 86 pennies - Harley

3rd place - 75 pennies - Clayton

2nd grade

1st place - 165 pennies - Gabriel

2nd place 140 pennies - Dixon

3rd place - 107 pennies - Matthew

3rd grade

1st place - 136 pennies - Marlene

2nd place - 56 pennies - Cache

3rd place - 48 pennies - Landon

4th grade

1st place - 240 pennies - Vicente

2nd place - 229 pennies - Adison

3rd place - 193 pennies - Malakai

5th grade

1st place - 64 pennies - Aiden

2nd place - 50 pennies - Cole

3rd place - 24 pennies - Zabdiel

6th grade

1st place - 150 Pennies - Samantha

2nd place - 100 pennies - Tied: Jacob, Cesar, Ariana, McKenna

3rd place - 72 pennies - Caitlyn

September STEM Challenge Winners
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Welcome to our new leaders & teachers, 20-21!

Mrs. Lovell - Assistant Principal

Mrs. Ordowski - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Olivieri - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Woodland - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Stallings - 4th Grade

Ms. Castellanos - 4th Grade

Mrs. Davis - Resource

Ms. Hopkins - Learning Center

We also have several new support staff members that we will be introducing over the next few months. We are grateful for all those who have chosen New Bridge and who "Choose Ogden!"

Last Day for our Virtual Book Fair! Help out our library fund raiser!

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Monday, Oct 19

  • CIA I testing begins Oct 19-23
  • Digital Citizenship Week
  • School Lunch Week - Thank you to our Cafeteria staff!
  • Flu Clinic starting at 1:30

Tuesday, Oct 20

  • Five-day reading challenge due

Wednesday, Oct 21

  • Last day for Book Fair

Thursday, Oct 22

  • Minimum Day - Dismissal 12:45
  • End of 1st Quarter

Friday, Oct 23

  • Minimum Day - Dismissal 12:45
  • Food Pantry - CCS

Tuesday, Oct 27

  • Report Cards go home
Wednesday, Oct 28
  • Author Visit 4th grade, J.H. Reynolds

Thursday, Oct 29

  • Picture retakes

Friday, Oct 30

Tuesday, Nov 3
  • Voting/Election Day

Friday, Nov 6

  • Student of the Month Awards
Wednesday, Nov 11
  • Veteran's Day
Friday, Nov 13
  • November birthday celebrations
Wednesday, Nov 18
  • Virtual Reaction Time visit, 5th grade
  • Educational Support Professionals Day
Thursday, Nov 19
  • Knights Bingo celebration with the principal
Friday, Nov 20
  • Substitute appreciation day
  • Food Pantry - CCS
Monday, Nov 25-27 Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

December 21-Jan 1 Christmas Break - NO SCHOOL