PAM Indo

February - March 2016

News round up a focus for PRAYER

Today I am going to bring a round up of the news from Indo and NZ so as to provide a really sound basis to be able to pray and rejoice in what God has been doing.

Post my time in country the energy and work flow is enhanced.

  • New mega churches who want to come on board
  • 78 Community Teachers who are in transit to the Un-Reached region needing solid member-care.
  • 60+ new professional who have said "hear am I Lord, send me" so their training starts.
  • 3 new cities where starting the SDC activity is yet to swing the words into action.
  • Interest in the model from wider communities in Indonesia and Overseas.
  • Planning for the July input to sit with and facilitate the SDC's yet to become active
  • Thinking and much prayer to appoint someone this year to transition into my role as PAM Director.
  • Ongoing initiatives from the SDC's to fulfill the mission of Recruit > Train > Select > Send > Member care [RTSSM].

On the New Zealand front

I continue to be involved with FFF, supporting Paul in the vital outreach activity. This is hands on sharing/preaching every few weeks in the MBB/NB context. The gathering spans from 4.30 - 9.00 ish each Sunday. During the week apart from meeting with Paul and the other leaders to pray I spend time with each of the persons on a one on one basis providing professional support to their studies and or job search and in the course of these activities we just talk and talk. This gathering is a fantastic point of outreach that is working.

Looking back and looking forward: the next steps in 2016

This has been a great start to the year but with real challenges as well

  1. Thankyou for those who have come back to me and requested a copy of the Annual Report.
  2. Thankyou for you ongoing prayers for what God is doing in this context.
  3. Thankyou for upholding Robin and I in all we do in NZ and Indo
  4. Please pray for Lidya and Audris at this time as she is grieving the "loss" of her baby
  5. Pray the planning for Brunei, the UR relocation and the training in Semarang all continue step by step
  6. Pray for the connection with the person to be my replacement 2018 so that the transition can start this year