John Muir


By : Eliana B

Who is John Muir ?

John Muir is a great leader for animals and he helped protect the forest.

John Muir is a man that worked hard with Theodore Roosevelt to help protect nature.

John Muir helped protect the Redwoods , Sequoia and more.

What did John Muir do ?

He helped protect many places with Theodore Roosevelt




Yosemite national park

and more

Pictures of John Muir

Where was John Muir born and when was he born ?

John Muir was born in a small town in Scotland Dunbar , United Kingdom also known as Great Britain .

On April , 21, 1838 John Muir was born.

Where did John Muir die and when did he die ?

John Muir died on December, 24 , 1914 in Los Angeles

P. S . John Muir died on Christmas Eve.

John Muir earth day

this day will be on April 21

We will not drive cars because air piloshon .

No school no work to much paper.

Pic up trash to clean the world.

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cool fun fact

John Muir's was born on earth day !

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So help me and John Muir earth day will be a real deal Holiday !