Math Class

Seventh Period

Math Class

We learn about these things divide, multiply, subtract, addition, and fractions. Mostly things we know and to get us ready for eighth grade.

Every Day at 1:55pm to 2:41pm

You will use mathematics every day for the rest of your life. You will do math at most of the jobs and you will do a lot of math every day.

Saxon Math

We use Saxon Math as are resource to learn all the things we need. We take math tests to get are grades up. Saxon Math helps me by making me circle my answers to find them better and they make us do all of the work even thou you already know the stuff. The thing is that we will go to things that most people can't do because they have lack of important things because they didn't have the things we have now.We do have things that we do have that the people back then never had so it was harder than we have now, but thought we have a more advanced math then them. We have unknown numbers and divide and multiply and everything else we have to do with. So we use calculators and rulers and computers to do make math easier for use, but Saxon Math they have use do the math on paper so we can learn it more and make sure we get it before we have to begin in the bigger and more difficult math soon.

Last thing

So that is what we earn in Math. Seventh period!!