The Talking Drum!

Where it Comes From

These magnificent drums originated in West Africa. They were used to send messages to people far away because it was much faster than actually riding a horse over.


The talking drum is a type of membranophone. This is different than most drums because it has a drum head on each side. The drum takes the shape of an hourglass and has strings that connect the two drum heads. These drums can vary in size but traditionally were not very large.

Cultural Significance

Long ago, talking drums where a very important part of the lives of most West Africans. They used the drums to communicate messages form one place to another. Whether it was just a simple message or an important warning, the drums delivered the message. Now that technology had advanced and phones and computers are out there the need for the talking drum has gone down. However, the West Africans still use the music of the talking drum to celebrate their culture!

Reasons you Need One

  • These beautiful instruments have their own language that you can use to communicate with whoever you want!
  • They produce truly beautiful music anyone would be lucky to enjoy.
  • They really bring people together for celebration.
  • The Drums are a great and fun way to explore the culture of the West African people.