Western Awakening

September - October

What to do next?

During my student teaching, ions ago, a teacher told me never tell a frustrated, stressed out, and confused person what they did wrong. Tell them what to do next! I believe in moving on. Learning from the ups and downs of life so I can accomplish a goal. We want to help everyone obtain some of the same goals at Western. Below you will find resources to help you analysis your assessments and help you adjust instruction. Next, we want you to work on creating longer lesson plans instead of weekly plans. This will give you more time to adjust instruction according to your data and less worry about weekly plans.


Below you will find links to help you analyze assessment and yourself. TKES standards 5 and 6 have to do with assessment strategies and assessment uses. What you will be doing will ultimately save you time and increase your effectiveness as a teacher.

1. Use the assessment protocol to analysis a past assessment. https://docs.google.com/a/cowetaschools.net/document/d/1fnld-gsPCHhG3GEg7f8Bfx9d_WCFlRwOdChYfVD0B3c/edit?usp=sharing

2. Start planning to create an assessment for your next unit. Design that assessment before you return next week so that your team can critically analysis it before you finishing teaching the unit.

3. Leave your results on the table to share with the next grade. We will return those to you on Thursday.


Gofar is a great place to go to find questions created by other teachers. You may not find everything you need but it's an excellent source. Also, clicks inside of Gofar help our school CCRPI score.

Thoughts of the week!


1.Complete an assessment for your next unit.

2.Read the article I put in your box by October 9th and tell me one thing out of the 7 habits that you are going to work on. Share here - https://docs.google.com/a/cowetaschools.net/document/d/129o_qEhDU7ls00uriauYeOOiaKtlrCn3SUdFW05k0uc/edit?usp=sharing