Clothing Management Projects

Made by Cheyenne Harman

My First Project. Stuffed animal

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The project i did came with a pattern to go by. I completed a stuffed animal Elephant. The skills i had used were figuring out what should be turned inside out and what shouldnt be.
I used a soft Polyester fabric to make the stuffed animal. I had to start off by cutting all of the pieces out then sewing them together. After that i had to put right sides together to stitch so when we are done stitching, the stitch will be hidden. Im used to those steps because i have done them before.
I chose this idea because i didn't know what else to make and my niece wanted a stuffed animal. There was one part in this project that had challenged me and that was knowing which way to put the head inside out into the body and if the head would come out upside down or not. Next time i could work faster so if i make a mistake i would have time to go back and fix it. I wasn't satisfied with the head of the Elephant because now the ears are n the bottom instead of the top of the head.