Tier I Strategies

Response to Intervention

Possible Tier I Interventions

Tier I Universal Supports

  • School-wide PBIS Plan -Guidelines for Success, School-Wide Expectations, Common Area Expectations, Positive Reinforcement System
  • Active Supervision and Monitoring in Common Areas
  • Classroom Behavior Plan - Expectations, Procedures, Routines, Rules
  • CHAMPs
  • Positive Reinforcement for all students
  • Effective Academic Support
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Social Skills Training
  • Character Education

Tier I Examples

Reteaching Expectations/Rules (Academies) Prompt & Cue

Restructuring the Discipline Procedures Parent Conference

Changing seating arrangements Visual Cue Cards

Teach a Replacement Behavior Safe Place

Student Contract Blurt Tickets

Provide Student Choices Responsibility Books


Academic Strategies

Mnemonic devices for teaching vocabulary, math facts, processes, etc.

Frequent opportunities for movement

Visuals for concept reinforcement

Formative assessment to determine mastery

Multiple and flexible grouping

Divide instruction into short segments, allowing time for feedback and assessment

Extended time as necessary

Use a variety of ways for student response

Loop back to review or practice previously taught material often

Integrate real-life experiences

Stop often to summarize key elements of instruction

Utilize the PLC Menu to vary the stimulus, thinking, instructional strategies, & evidence of learning

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