I can describe how resources affect a community.

What resources does my tribe use to create shelter? And why?

The pamlico lives in long houses. They made poles of young trees.They use bark for frame.They also use hay.

What does my tribe eat? How do they get it? Why?

They eat fish which they get out of the water.They eat deer that they hunt.They also hunt turkey to.They chew tobacco. They also eat elk . They hunt and fish so they can live and have something to eat.They also farm for corn.

How is water apart of their lives?

They need water because women use it to cook and drink to survive.They build transportation.They fish for food in the water.

What tools does your tribe use? What resources do they use to create them?

they use spears and weirs to catch.They used baskets to put fish inside and cook it.They used bows and arrows to kill deer bears and elk. they also use sharp rocks.

Describe your tribes community and the different roles.

They speak Algonquian,Iroquoin.They live in the coastal plain.They all where almost destroyed by small pox.They live near the pamlico hunts woman cooks.