Horned Beetle Knowledge

By Angel

Name of bug

The scientific name for horned beetle is anoploph.


The horned beetle lives in North America and South America.


The horned beetle can crawl and fly.

Life Cycle

The horned beetle can lay up to 100 eggs. It takes 10 to 15 days to hatch.The egg evolves to the larvae then to the pupa and then the adult stage.


The beetle has 3 horns, fur on its legs to shock a predator it also has wings.


The horn beetle can shock a enemy with its fur on its legs.It also has 3 horns


The beetle has many foes but top 5 is the flat bark beetle, wasp, bird, snake, and the lizard.

Interesting Facts

The beetle throws rolled up dung and is a dance master. It can fly for 400 yards and it is called the sky beetle.

Food Diet

The beetle eats rolled up dung and ant eggs.

My cool horn beetle house

I designed this house only for the horned beetle it has legs that warm up the house.That is the best part.I started a project to study the horned beetle and build a house for it.And my house is scary,it has horns on it and creepy legs.
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