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Kids should have less screen time

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Are you one of the people that are always on the couch watching t.v or playing video games? This is not the best ways to spend your afternoon. Now my friends and my sisters are making up exuses to go inside and play on electronics or watch t.v. So read my smore and find out what electronics are doing to our life.

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When you are siting around the t.v all day without moving this can be damging to your health. You could even become obese. Several studies have found that kids with t.vs in their room are more likely to be obese. " I think that many parents are clueless about media and the impact of media on there kids." Said Dr. Vic Stasburger the author and professor of pediatrics at the pediactrics of New Mexico. Now a lot of things come with Consequences. Some of these Consequences might change your mind. It raises your anxiety and can make you feel depressed. You will lose alot of sleep. T.V also makes you eat more junk food. Think about this for a moment. What do you eat when you watch T.V. What do you eat when you don't watch t.v.
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School work in the dump

Do your parents care about your school performance. I bet they do. My mom is crazy about it and your teacher is probably wanting you to have good grades too. 10 to 19 kids who played video games spent 30% less time reading and 34% less time doing homework. I mean Mr fama helps with us doing it but people still are not doing their homework because of electronics. There was acually a few

Researchers that tracked a few boys that not only spent less time on homework not only did their homework get down but their test grades went down. A recent study in 2013 took boys who did not play video games and some got game systems and the rest did'nt. The researchers studied their academic performance the kids who got the game systems started spending less time on homework 4 months later their reading and writing scores got lower. This is crazy just a few boys that had no experience with xbox and now their grades are down by one game system.Everything come with Consequences these Consequences are things that Might be happening to you : spending a lot if your time thinking about video games. Doing poorly on school work. Skipping important things to play more skipping homework. A new study warns that to much gaming could affect school performance.

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With people

I'm usally outside with freinds. I'm riding my bike with freinds. I don't just think that the screen time is effecting kids health and school work they are also affecting our social life. Some people say that we have texting,skype,video chat. But online Relationships Are known as weak ties. Strong ties are relationships are ones face to face with people and communacating. Almost all kids are alone playing electronics and even highschoolers are socialy failing. One recent study showed that 60% of highschoolers are usally alone when playing electronics. When you have a freind that needs your help emotianly electronics will make it so then you cant reas there emotions that well. There was another study were they sent 20 students to a camp were you climb run and hang with freinds then another 20 students went to a camp and spent the whole time on ipads and t.vs and then they brought them back and the people that went to the camp that you spend with freinds were the ones that could read emotions better.
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