Let's Conserve Water!

By: Kaitlyn Sirimanne and Daniela Ker

Summary of Water Conservation, Distribution, and Usage

There are many ways to conserve, use, and distribute water. For example, to conserve water, you can take shorter showers. As for water distribution, it comes from mostly from saltwater and only a small part of it comes from freshwater. Lastly, one of the ways we use water is that we use it to shower, drink, clean, and more. In conclusion, it's important to learn how to conserve water, use it wisely, and how it is distributed because it is very significant in our lives

A Summary on Water Distribution:

Water distribution amongst salt and freshwater sources: Water distribution on Earth shows that most water in the atmosphere and crust comes from saltwater, and only a small amount comes from freshwater. Erosion of certain Earth metals causes salt to accumulate in the oceans through which evaporation returns as rain or snow. Earth's freshwater source, which is water with small amounts of salt, is only about 2 percent of the total water source on Earth's surface. The ratio of saltwater to freshwater is around 40 to 1. 97.5 percent of all water on Earth is saltwater, leaving only 2.5 percent as freshwater. The saltwater comes from the ocean and the freshwater comes from lakes, rivers, and other inland bodies of water.

Reasons for Conserving Water:

1. Without freshwater, you will die in a few days.

2. Using less water saves you money.

3.Conserving water saves energy.

4. Conserving Water means that communities don't need to look for more water sources and they can build infrastructures.

Water Usage:

The average American family uses about 300 gallons per day at home. Without water, there wouldn't be a lot of business industries. Firefighting, public swimming pools, and more require a lot of water. Showering and bathing probably uses 27 percent of water. Also, a leaky faucet can waste about 100 gallons a day. One flush of a toilet can waste six and a half gallons of water. Americans use about 180 gallons per person per day because we use it in our homes, to drink, to clean, and more. Groundwater sources such as a well that taps an underground reservoir called an aquifer or springs. Surface water sources get their water from rivers or lakes. Also, about 2 billion gallons of water is how much we use in California.