How Johnson Becomes President and election of 1964

  • President Kennedy was assassinated while in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Johnson being the vice president was sworn into oath that day

The election of 1964

Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat)

  • Running Mate Huber Humphrey
  • Electoral Vote 486
  • Popular Vote 43,127,041

Barry Goldwater (Republican)

  • Running Mate William E. Miller
  • Electoral Vote 52
  • Popular Vote 27,175,754

Results and Overview

  • Obviously Johnson won by a pretty significant amount
  • With his great victory Congress was very heavy democratic
  • Brought about a "Great Society"

The Great Society Congress

  • "The big four" aid to education, medical care for the elderly, "medicaid", immigration reform and educational aid to students
  • Fighting the war on poverty trying to erase poverty
  • Congress doubled the funding of the office of economic opportunity to $2 billion
  • Two new cabinets, Department of Transportation and the Department of housing and urban development.
  • The Immigration and and Nationality act 1965 abolished the old ways of the way immigration was dealt it doubled the number of immigrants that could enter the united states
  • Made the conservatives upset they thought that poverty couldn't be fixed.

The 24th Amendment, Civil Rights Act 1864, Voting Rights (Johnson's Civil Rights)

The 24th Amendment was passed in 1964 overall it abolished the poll tax in federal elections, but it was still difficult for Blacks to vote

  • First step in helping black gain more voting rights

The Civil Rights Act 1864
this act gave the federal government more authority to enforce school desegregation furthermore it prohibited racial discrimination in all kinds of public accommodations and employment.

  • Blacks are finally starting to see more change and less discrimination

Voting Rights Act 1865 banned literacy tests and sending federal voter registers into several southern states

  • Made it like everyone else for blacks and voting

Tonkin Gulf Resolution and Vietnam War

  • The Americans ultimate goal was to stop communism
  • Tonkin gulf resolution was an unofficial way of declaring war
  • America could assist any country in southeast asia
  • In 1965 a american army base was bombed
  • Sprouted operation rolling thunder sending air raids over North Vietnam
  • At one point over 500,000 Americans participating
  • Cost up to $30 billion
  • Lot of American lives lost not a good time

1968…a Watershed Year

  • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Assassination of Robert Kennedy (brother of JFK)
  • Riots at Democratic Convention
  • My Lai massacre

  • 500,000 Americans in Vietnam a lot of people dying
  • Americans didn't achieve their goal in Vietnam forced to end war
  • Over 100,000 Casualties in Vietnam