Cañada College Library Newsletter

Dreaming of the Beach Edition

Welcome New Library Support Specialist: Tessa Noriega!

Join us in welcoming our new Library Support Specialist, Tessa Noriega! Tessa has worked with us as a part-time library staff member in the past, and is now back at Canada full-time and permanent. Tessa will be coordinating reserves and the TLC program, as well as the circulation desk in the mornings. We are thrilled to have her back. Come by and say hello!

Say Hello to Adjunct Librarian Katrina Rahn!

We are excited to have a new Tuesday night Librarian join our library team. Katrina has a very impressive background in the library field and currently is a co-founder of a management consulting business. She works at CSM and Skyline libraries as well, so if you are on any of our sister campus' say hi!

Do you use non-fiction films in your classroom? Are you interested in incorporating high-quality educational films into your online class?

Check out our new database, Films on Demand! Thousands of films available on a wide variety of subjects (sociology, biology, physics, astronomy, philosophy, and more).

Streaming Video from Infobase Learning
Don't let your students flounder! We offer citation workshops, database demonstrations, evaluating information, and more. The Librarians can visit your class for a quick demonstration or you can bring your class in to the library for a tour and full, hands-on, instructional session.

Request a library tour or instructional session HERE or click the green button above.
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Are you having difficulties purchasing your textbooks? Don't have access to a laptop at home? Need a graphing calculator but can't afford one? The Library and Learning Center can help you!

The TLC (Textbook, Laptops, and Calculators) is a semester-long textbook reserve collection aimed at supporting students in ESL, English 826, 827, 836, 847, READ 826, 836, College for Working Adults (CWA) or Math 811.

  • What: Textbooks, Chromebooks, and graphing calculators! Check out what we have here.
  • Where: Library and Learning Center
  • Who's Eligible: Students enrolled in Basic Skills courses (Math 811, READ, ENGL 800's), ESL or CWA courses
  • Who Can Help: For laptops recommendation by a counselor, retention specialist, or financial coach required. For textbooks recommendation by previously listed persons or faculty is required.

Email Tessa Noriega ( for more information.

Before, you had to find the exact format to match the thing you were referencing. That worked fine when there was only a handful of things you could reference, but it couldn’t keep up with the evolution in research. If you’re referencing a GIF you found in a listicle your friend found on BuzzFeed and linked to your Facebook page, there was no way to even begin to reference that properly. So, MLA started over.

To learn more about the new MLA guidelines, check out our online guide by librarian Chris Burns: MLA 8 Guide

The Library will also have drop-in half-hour workshops throughout the semester:

Monday, Sept. 26th (12:30pm)

Thursday, Sept. 29th (12:30pm and 7pm)

Tuesday, Oct. 4th (12:30pm)

Thursday Oct 6th (9am and 7pm)

Yes, it's time to wake up early, study until late at night, and go to classes in between, but make sure you take some time to relax and destress by checking out one of our new graphic novels.
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