Welcome to Lineville

By:Zach Joslin


Hey fourth graders come here closer ,closer ,closer ok back up your in my bubble. Any way welcome to Lineville 4th graders there is nothing to be nervous about, at all. this school may seem big at first, but it's just like a small box. Trust me half of the school we barely go in until 6th grade . Ok now, if you wanna know more you have to read more bye.


Lineville has lots of music choices . I personally think that band is the best because you have all the instruments from clarinet to trombone.In band you play lots of songs like Star Wars. There is also choir. In choir you have a routine with a video, a warm-up, and then practice songs. Last but not least there is Orchestra.They also have instruments but not like band .They have violin ,viola, cello, and bass. Those are all the music choices at Lineville. Hope you picked one out that you like.


This year our schools has lockers. Here is how to open your lockers . Step 1 twist your lock to the right to clear you resent code. Step 2 land on your first number to start the process. Step 3 twist to the left pass your first number and land on your second number .The final step is twist the lock back to the right and land on your final number then pull it. Well hope you learned how to open your locker good luck.


At linville there is no playgrounds. But there is still things to do out side. One thing to do is to play 4-square. I love 4-square it's so fun and lots of people play it too. There is also tether ball . I don't know much but I now that I use to be the champion. Last there is basketball. The basketballs are flat. And it's not good for 4-square. Well, that's all the things I'm pretty sure that's all can't wait to see what you do.

Day 1 and Day 2

To start there are two different days in school, there called day 1 and day 2. They are different because for me day 1 I have gym and art. Other people might not have what I have, they might have band or art and some other things. Day 2, I have band (the best) and spanish. Oh, I almost forgot that at second quarter you switch so you either have technology or spanish.


In the hallways there are no lines but there are sides and zones. In the zones there is the zero zone and the wisper zone. We also have a time limit to stay in the halls. The passing time is 4 minutes long. Each hallway is split in half and works like a road . Like a long highway. Teachers also give out blue tickets to people that are quiet in the zero zone. . Remember stay quiet in the zero zone.


Well unfortunately, it's time to go hope you have lots and lots of fun In your house and at Lineville . Chow!