Rachel is Lovable

You are a child of God & we love u oodles and oodles!

Happy Birthday girl! Here are the ways that we love u!

Here are all the ways we appreciate Rachel

  • u r detailed oriented (or what would we do without u? Our canoes would fall off our cars.)
  • u r sharing (we're never hungry in your home)
  • u r sweet (u take time to make cakes for people)
  • not only so, your cakes are hilarious
  • u r deep (u always consider carefully your walk with God)
  • u serve us like crazy (singing, baking, reaching out, sharing, cooking, visiting... too much to keep track)
  • u have a deep thirst for God & seeks after wisdom (u have one of the most comprehensive spiritual library one's ever seen)
  • u can dance (ready to bust a move anytime)
  • u r pretty (u dresse fashionably on Sundays & look like a princess in any garb)
  • your handiness & hardiness, you get going when the going gets tough
  • your angelic voice
  • your courage
  • u r atheletic (u skated all over the canal in Ottawa)
  • your curiosity takes us to all kinds of terrains when we go hiking
  • you enjoy God`s creations outdoors
  • your creative (u make your own jewellery & paintings)
  • u r entrepreneural (I am constantly inspired by u)
  • u r gentle & love animals (we will always remember our sweet MooMoo)
  • u r generous with your finances & resources
  • u r a good leader
  • u r a good friend
  • you never give up, because you know He never gives up on you
  • you are a child of God, our sister & we`ll get to see you for all eternity!
  • you remind me a lot of the Proverbs 31 women!

We praise you Lord, because Rachel is fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14


your family group & friends, May 2012