Long Live The Kingdom

Coup De Tat


On January 17, 1893 the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown by 3 major powerful people, President McKinley, President Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens.


Because of 3 powerful people Minister Jonh L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland, and President William McKinley the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom took place on January 17, 1893. The overthrow of Hawaii is an important topic in history because it shows one example of how one of the other 51 states came to be part of America. This project is meant to let the reader know how Hawaii became a part of the U.S. and show how Hawaii has a significant presence in the U.S. history.


To me I believe that Hawaii is not legally and lawfully state of the union because they were forced to surrender. U.S. officials followed the Coup De Tat that forcefully changed the Hawaiian monarchy. The Hawaiian's had no choice but to surrender or they would face death.


In the space below, the images provide you a look of what the Hawaiians had to go through during the time of the overthrow and annexation. In the first image starting from the left, it shows the lowering of the flag from Iolani palace by U.S soldiers and marines. In the next image or middle, it shows the signing of the Annexation bill signed by President William McKinley. Lastly, the image on the far right, it shows American Navy sailors guarding the Iolani Palace once the American flag was raised over it.


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