Why is individuality important?

Individuality is important because without individuals the world would be the same and be boring. If everyone thinks the same we wont find anything new. "It is important to foster individuality for only the individual can produce new ideas" Albert Einstien

How do you be a individual?

To be a individual all you have to do is be yourself and don't worry about what others think about you. You need to do what you want and don't try to do what others like if you don't like it. Being a individual does not mean you have to stand out from everyone else and be completely different you can still be an individual by being your self

Who can be a individual?

Anyone can be a individual. Sometimes it can be hard to be a individual because people might judge you and think it is weird. If you do just what you want to do and not let anyones else's ideas or thoughts change you, you can be a individual.

Is it bad to be conformed?

I think that conformity is good sometimes like in schools. Everyone has to wear the same uniform and do the same classes. Another example of good conformity is that everyone has to go by the same rules so that we are safe.
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This photo show that to be a individual you don't have to be completely different. You can be a individual by doing things a little differently than everyone else and by doing it your way.