Antebellum Reforms Movements

The Antebellum Reforms

The Cause Of The Antebellum Started in the 1820's and by a universal White male of suffrage spread. The 6 reform movements are Mental Hospitals, Prisons, Education, Temperance, Women Rights and Abolition. These 6 Movements are described as Antebellum Reform. Mentally hospitals use for helping the mental ill with the proper help and care. Prisons were used to help prisoners focus on Rehabiltation. Education was affordable, Horace mann pushed the public to support education. Temperance was the use of alcohol and how it had a major problem with the society. Women rights of taking care of the home and children. Women of Society. Abolition of Slavery was a major issue of the Antebellum reform.


The use of alcohol abuse. it became a problem in the society. and abusive towards many people.
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The Rights for Women

The Rights for the Women to be able to be equal to men. be able to help out and work. they have the rights like men because as one everyone is a whole.
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The Abolitionment

The Abolition of Slavery. Slavery was the biggest and most divisive issue
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