Start your day with a great STARBUCKS Basket!!!


This stuff goes by many names. All summed up as my morning pick-me-up!

The smell is enough to wake me up. If you are anything like me the first cup in the morning is the best cup of the day!

Coffee Lovers know exactly what I am talking about. I love these baskets, filled with the best coffee and other yummyness. You just can't beat it for a great morning starter!!

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Starbucks Warm Up the Work Place

Bring the warmth and richness of Starbucks to the office with our naturally delicious Starbucks basket of goodies. Take a break with a colleague and share a cup of Starbucks French Roast, House Blend, or Breakfast Blend coffee. Sip a steaming cup of Tazo Calm and Zen Tea from one of the two ceramic Starbucks mugs, or enjoy the delicious rich taste of Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa. Recharge and re-energize with Nonni’s biscotti and Walker's shortbread cookies for a completely satisfying mid-morning or afternoon office treat. Also included are two Starbucks three packs of Via coffee in Italian Roast and Columbian Blend for those on the go! $139.99

Ask me why I am so excited about my amazing business!!!!!