My 360* Project

Mrs. Martens ELA ----------- DUE last week in May 2015

Consult at least 6 different RESOURCES (articles, podcasts, interviews, documentaries, books)

NAME of Resource SOURCE (where you found it) TYPE of Resource







Are you working on this project individually, with a partner or a small group?

NOTE: Remember that you each will still read, listen or watch 6 different things related to your topic. You can look at the same things and share resources, but for example, you can't count a book someone else has read here on your list. Ask me if you're confused by this.

Your Final Project is creating an INTERACTIVE exhibit on your topic using at least 3 senses (sight, sound, touch)

What ONE social issue or problem are you focusing on?

What is ONE organization (or who is one person) working to solve this problem?

Introduce us to them, their goals and their progress in trying to solve this problem.

Can you find pictures, videos, interviews or info graphics?

How can we help? Or what ACTION do you want us to take after learning about this?

Put the contact information for this organization or person below so you have it all in one place.

Use the BACK of this paper to brainstorm ideas and the pieces that could make up your exhibit or activity.

There should be 2 main parts:

WHAT is most important (shocking) for us to KNOW and

HOW can you surround or involve us in something sensory so it STICKS with us long after we leave?