Do you know about deltas?


Whats a delta?

My landform is a delta. Deltas help microbes and plants. A delta is sometimes devided into two. Deltas form as rivers emty thier water and sediment into anthor body of water such as an ocean, lake or anthor river.

Lena Delta

The Lena Delta is located Russia. It moves slowly. How it effects the live of the people that live there is that they could go fishing. Some are connected to the ocean.

Nile Delta

The Nile Delta is located in Africa. The characteristics is good soil and good farms. You could swim in a delta. They are are alike because they are both deltas.

Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta is located in Mississippi. It is huge. It will effect the people that live there because you could play water sports. The Mississippi Delta moves slowly.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong River Delta is located in Vienam. It is diffrent because it has diffrent soil than the other deltas. How it effects the people that live there is that you could get water if you have none. How they are all alike is mosty all of them are they are all shaped like a triangle.