Holy Orders - Sisters of Charity

By: Stella, Thi & Vivian.N

What is A Nun?

A nun is a woman who is apart of a religious community. There is another word for nun is called 'sister' and they follow the commandments of their religious belief.

What is the mission of the order/congregation?

The Sisters of Charity's mission is to support and help people who are in a situation such as natural disasters, to help the less fortunate, to build hospitals so that they can support the people who are sick and terribly suffering. Their mission is to also help the orphans and the less educated.

Who founded the Sisters of Charity and when?

The Sisters of Charity were founded in Dublin, Ireland in the year of 1815 by Mary Aikenhead.

Why did they found the order?

The Sisters of Charity founded their order due to the fact that they wanted to help the less fortunate, help to build hospitals, follow Jesus' mission and to heal the sick people's diseases and severe viruses.

What type of work do they do in Australia?

The Sisters of Charity's work to do in Australia is to visit government hospitals, orphanages, Schools and Jails in Parramatta and Sydney.


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