How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

My main product was a short film called "Robbed" which was a social realism film. For may ancillary task I write a review for Sight and Sound magazine and I also created a film poster. I was able to create a successful piece, expressing the same genre conventions.

My film poster is mainly black which encodes the themes of hardship and danger. The main image is large and is of the protagonist Anthony, looking vulnerable and powerless. The strap line " he never saw it coming" coherently works with the image as its a still from the scene where Anthony gets fired. My film poster and my short film are both effective in conveying the same theme and preferred reading.

The wide shot of Anthony walking and not noticing the robbers in my sight and sound review image, portrays Anthony as lethargic and vulnerable. The fact that he walking straight passed the robbers and didn't even see them shows his lack of care for his job. The written text within my review is positive and detailed. The fact that it mentions "the film successfully creates a stimulating piece" makes the film more appealing to the audience. Also, mentioning the famous director Tyrell Taylor, encourages the readers to want to watch the film and it makes Robbed seem more professional.